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  1. Did anyone feel the neutral setting of the driver was way too upright/toe up? I'm heeling shots left and right and I've never had the issue with any driver I've ever owned before. Going to try to go the flat "PXG" setting and see if that helps. Want to love the Proto driver like I loved my original 0811x, but we're not getting along too well...
  2. I recently saw that Agawam Hunt in Rumford, RI and Metacomet in East Providence, RI are offering public tee times. Has anyone played either of these courses? Which one is worth a shot first? Are there any other privates turned semi-private in the RI/CT/MA area that don't really advertise that you can play them without being a member?
  3. I was thinking train too, but I plan on returning that night. Not sure how crazy it was getting on and off of that LIRR train. The last Amtrak going back north from Penn is around 7:30, so I'm not sure I could hang til the trophy presentation and still catch it in time. May end up doing metro-north from New Haven or a station along the way and using subway from Grand Central to Penn. New London is right around the corner to catch the ferry to Orient Point. I'll have to see how late the ferry runs. Thanks.
  4. I was able to purchase tix to the Sunday round of the 2019 PGA. I'm coming from RI and I've heard horror stories about trying to get in and out of Long Island, especially on a weekend. A friend from there said I shouldn't even consider driving. Has anyone ever been to a major or tour event there? Any tips for getting in and out easily?
  5. I guess they're still holding out on that open area to the left of the first tee and the practice green to build the new clubhouse as originally planned. I heard they ran into legal/property issues with accessing that area from the main road through a right of way.
  6. I saw some of the Massachusetts threads for opinions on public courses there and I figured I'd start one for RI. I'll rank all of the RI courses I've played to start. Add some info/feedback and we'll keep it updated... Tier 1 - The Best... Meadow Brook Newport National (although I'm depressed the new owners raised it to $125) Tier 2 - Really good courses to play... Richmond Triggs Exeter Fenner Hill Cranston CC Crystal Lake Tier 3 - OK with the right deal... North Kingstown Beaver River Laurel Lane Tier 4 - TLC needed/Goat Tracks... Winnapaug Wood River Yet to play...Montaup, Green Valley, Foster CC
  7. Anyone try these shoes out or have any feedback about them? They are a mid-level adidas shoe ($99.00). Pretty sharp looking compared to what's out there this year for "premier shoes". Doesn't seem to be much info in the forums about them because everyone is into the Boost. Anyone own a pair?
  8. Anyone who has been..Do you have any tips for arriving there and parking the morning of the round? My hotel is in the Grovetown area off of Interstate 20. I was wondering what time is best to arrive there and if there are preferred places to park? Also, is it better coming in from the highway or taking the back way (Wheeler Rd. route)
  9. Tonneau cover with locking tailgate works for me on my Silverado. I never leave my clubs in the truck once I get home - always back into the garage. I'm not terribly worried about someone slicing my cover open, but you never know. I have a spray-in bedliner and lay my stand bag pretty flat. My bag and push cart hardly ever slide around. I do place an old towel under the exposed club heads to avoid any potential scratches.
  10. Golfwrx is the place to be for golf info about anything...it's the ultimate golf resource!
  11. wow....lots of places to look up. Thanks. Only RI course left I really want to play is Montaup in Portsmouth....mostly for the scenery, but I heard it's nice also.
  12. ...a public course better than Meadow Brook or Newport National in MA or CT that you can play for $65 and under. (Looking for some new places to play this summer) Go!...
  13. Got 2 tix for Saturday! First time selected in 4 tries.
  14. Those are pretty bold!! Better have some game to garner the attention.
  15. There was a small metal ring in addition to the washer on the screw. For future reference, does that piece go on from the head side or the washer/shaft side?
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