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  1. Lab Golf Directed Force 2.1 33.5 Inches 69 Degree Lie Angle Standard Shaft Flatso 3.0 grip. Putter is in good condition. It wasn’t used much. I couldn’t find any flaws and tried to attach representative pictures. The headcover is fully functional, but is not in good condition aesthetically. It has a few flaws in the leather and has multiple flaws on the piping. Price is shipped CONUS. PayPal G&S only.
  2. Someone needs to buy that patent and make a 2 tone tour ball.
  3. What is the best ball you ever played? Or maybe that one ball that you wish would come back. Mine is the Callaway Hex Black. Absolutely loved that ball and just found a couple in an old bag. My number 2 is the Z Star XV. Solid ball all around.
  4. I haven’t but am considering it.
  5. This is what started me down this road. I tried it and just can’t find a position where my aim doesn’t look left.
  6. Thank you. I can also aim pretty well from an open stance. But I’m talking way open. My feet are probably between 40 and 50 degrees open when I do it.
  7. Part 2 of this video is my problem. There isn’t a position that I can find that looks like I’m aimed correctly. No matter where I put my head, it looks like I’m aiming left.
  8. I’m fit for the putter. The putter stick, is that just like a metal yard stick ?
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply. I like the sound of this approach.
  10. I use at least 5 so people underestimate me.
  11. I’m working on this also. Thank you
  12. Thank you. I’ll try this out.
  13. Thank you. Their video with this putting coach and the ruler is what got me started on this. I’ll try to line up some dots and see if I can get it figured out.
  14. Any tips on how to learn how to aim a putter? I’ve tried adjusting my setup position to eyes inside the ball (1” to 8”), over the ball, past the ball. I’ve tried a Newport, a spider a mid mallet. No matter what I do, if I aim on line, it looks like I’m aiming way left. The only right handed putter that I can half way aim correctly is a 2 ball. I aim well with a left handed putter too. Right handed and cross eye dominant for the record.
  15. Sorry, yes, I’m looking for comfortable button downs to wear while playing. I work outside in the summer in button downs and steel toe boots, so I’m not really concerned about the heat.
  16. Thanks. I haven’t tried on an ASICS shoe since their first golf shoe and it wasn’t good. I’ll have to try them.
  17. No, that’s a possibility for me too.
  18. I do too. I’m just looking for an alternative.
  19. Thank you. This is looking more complicated than I thought it would be. I may have to call Club Champion. I was hoping to avoid it as I’ve been away for a couple of years and will have no chance of striking the ball well, and it’s also 3 hours away.
  20. I think that I’m going to make the leap to graphite in my irons. I haven’t played much in the past two years, maybe 5 times total due to kids, work etc... I’ve been playing Project X 6.0 in my irons for the past 5 years and like the trajectory that I’m getting now. Before that I’ve played S300, X100 and Project X 6.5 and they were all fine as well. The weight has never bothered me. My shoulders and wrists are starting to hurt due to boxing and lifting is why I am looking to change it up. I think that I’m going to get up to 3 different shafts to try out in my 6-8 irons. These get the
  21. Does anyone else hate Polos, especially shiny ones? What are you all wearing to play in? I was thinking about just moving to button downs.
  22. I’ve never had one, but I’m surprised at the lack of Cobra Bafflers in this thread. Usually a few people bring them up and I’ve been thinking about picking one up.
  23. Thank you. I’m watching a couple pairs on eBay right now.
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