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  1. Three items for sale today. All prices include shipping and are being offered OBO. Really not looking to separate head and shaft unless I can get a pretty good number for the shafts alone. Only trade would be for PXG Gen 2 irons (I can add cash). Without further adieu, here are the items: 1. Mizuno MP 18 Combo Set (4i - 9i) with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue AMT S400 - 4 iron MP-18 Fli-Hi / 5i and 6i MP-18 SC / 7i - 9i MP-18 MB - Standard Mizuno Lofts other than 5 iron which is bent 1* strong to 26* to blend with the MP Fli-Hi 4i - Standard Mizuno length and D3 swingweight for all clubs but 9 iron which is D4 - Lie angle is 2 degrees flat of Mizuno standard but can be bent to whatever specs are needed before shipping - Golf Pride MCC Black/White Grips - Price: $695 shipped and OBO 2. Ping G 3 wood with Tour Issue Tensei CK Tour Blue 70 TX - Digitally lofted to 15.5* - Shaft tipped 3/4" - 42" playing length - Hotmelt in the head to get swingweight to D3 - Golf Pride MCC Black/White Grip - Price: $325 shipped and OBO 3. Ping G400 7 wood with Tour AD DI 8X - Digitally lofted to 19.5* - Shaft tipped 1.5" - 40.5" playing length - Hotmelt in head to get swingweight to D3 - Golf Pride MCC Black/White Grip - Price: $325 shipped and OBO
  2. Have three items up for sale today. All prices are Shipped and OBO. Any questions or offers please feel free to ask. Not all too interested in trades but willing to listen to iron sets and can add cash. Will reply back to all PM's as quickly as possible. Thanks for looking. 1. Titleist 818 H2 19* - Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 8x - No Tipping - Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Black/White - Will include headcover, no wrench sorry - $185 OBO Shipped 2. PING iBlade 4i-9i - KBS Tour Extra Stiff - Brown Dot - 4i is 22*, all other lofts standard - Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Black/White - $490 OBO Shipped 3. Aldila 2KXV Blue 70X - PING Tip - Tipped 1" from PING - Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Black/White - Logo Up in small minus sign position - $90 OBO Shipped
  3. This is just my personal experience, but I have noticed upon switching from a Players Cavity PW to the Raw Vokey SM6 and have found great results. I personally have found that the feedback on mishits has actually improved my PW game, and would definitely recommend this option for anyone who strikes it relatively well to help dial in the wedge game. For reference I go 47, 52, 57, 61, and have found great results with that gapping versus some of the 44-46* PW's we continue to see these days. Hope this helps.
  4. Unfortunately not looking to sell just the heads as I have no use for the shafts. Price drops today though so feel free to make an offer and maybe we can agree on it! Thanks for the interest.
  5. Standard lofts except the 4 iron which is 1 degree strong. Brown dot is 3* flat. KBS extra stiff weigh 130 grams, but feel much smoother than an x100 in my opinion due to weight, the x100’s just fit my quick tempo better. Also, serial numbers do match on all clubs. Ordered as a set directly from ping with digital lofts, lies, and swingweights. Thanks for the interest!
  6. Hi guys. Two sets of irons for sale today. Loved them both, but unfortunately neither of these two can knock the DGTI out of the bag. Make my expensive experiment your way to save on an almost new set of PINGs. Not looking for any trades at the moment unless you have some Mizuno JPX 900 tours or MP 18 combo set. Prices are OBO, and will include shipping. Without further adieu, here's what I have for sale today: 1. PING iBlade 4-9 - KBS Tour X shaft in all 6 clubs - Specs listed in spreadsheet below. Pics 1-7 below are of the KBS set - PRICE: $515 OBO 2. PING i200 4-5 and iBlade 6-9 - Nippon Modus 105X in 4i - Nippon Modus 130S in 5i and 6i - Nippon Modus 130X in 7-9 - Specs listed in spreadsheet below. Pics 8-18 are of the Nippon Modus set - PRICE: $565 OBO Thanks so much for looking and please do reach out with any questions. Pics are of KBS irons first, then combo set second.
  7. Forgot Paul Casey was playing Mizunos, so it looks like just Kyle Stanley for now. However, I probably should’ve specified “lots of titleist guys playing TM drivers”. That seems to be more the case.
  8. Agreed, but that was just an Instagram from behind. This confirms that it is indeed an M4 that’s all I was getting at.
  9. Was looking around Getty Images and just came across this image of Dufner rocking a brand new M4 driver with no sponsor on the hat. Any word on Dufner's clubs or equipment deal for the upcoming season? Seems like lots of Titleist guys are going to TM and lots of TM guys going to Callaway (Sergio and Schaufelle).
  10. Up for sale today are 3 items that I really tried to love, but just ended up being a bit too much club for me on the course. As always, all offers are shipped and OBO, so shoot me any questions or offers and I'll answer as soon as I can! More pics available on request as well. 1. Titleist 718 TMB/AP2 Combo Set - All shafted with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 and gripped with Golf Pride NDMC Black/White Grips - Condition: Used for 3 range sessions and 36 holes - 9 iron has small nick outside grooves from bunker shown in pics - 4 iron 718 TMB - 2* Flat - Standard Titleist Length and Loft - 5 iron through 9 iron 718 AP2 - 2* Flat - Standard Titleist Length and Lofts - Price: $989 OBO Shipped (Please keep in mind the heavy upcharge for the DGTI) 2. Tour Issue 2017 Taylormade M1 460 - Tour Issue Project X HZRDUS 65g 6.5 Flex Untipped - Golf Pride NDMC Black/White Grip - Condition: Used for 2 months pretty much on weekends only - Loft: 9.1 - Lie: 59.6 - Length: 44" - Swingweight: D5 - Price: $435 OBO Shipped 3. Tour Issue 2017 Taylormade M2 - Tour Issue Aldila Rogue 125 MSI 60g TX Flex Untipped - Golf Pride NDMC Black/White Grip - Condition: Used for 2 range sessions and 36 holes, could pass as new - Loft: 9.8 - Lie: 59.1 - Length: 43.5" - Swingweight: D5 - Price: $450 OBO Shipped
  11. Two Items for Sale today. All prices are shipped and OBO. Deals can be made for interest in both. No trade interests at this time, so cash-only offers please. Without further adieu, here's what I'm offering today: 1. PING WRX G 3 Wood Head: Ping G 3 Wood 15 degrees Loft: Digitally Lofted to 14* Lie: 56* Shaft: Aldila ATX Tour Blue 75x Playing Length: 42.5" Swingweight: Hotmelt to D3 Grip: Almost new Golf Pride Multicompound Black/White Price: $210 OBO 2. Tour Issue R15 with Tour Issue Kuro Kage XTS (Etched Graphics...See Pics for Head Condition...You're Paying for the shaft here) Head: Tour Issue R15 10.5 ordered directly from Will Peoples Loft: 10.8* Lie: 58.8* Shaft: Tour Issue Kuro Kage XTS 70x with TM Metal Tip Playing Length: 44.5" Swingweight: Hotmelt to D4 Grip: Pretty used Lamkin UTX Price: $155 OBO
  12. Well I can't quite promise you will hit these as long and high as Jason Day, but what I can promise is a great price on a meticulously taken care of set of irons. Up for sale is a 4-PW set of RSI TP irons shafted by Taylormade with the Nippon Modus System 125x. These are some buttery mid-launch shafts that really do have the best feel of any iron shaft I have ever played. Only reason I am getting rid of them is because I have some Pings on the way and need a little more forgiveness than these can provide. Length and Loft are all standard Taylormade minus the 4 iron 1* strong at 22* and Lie is 1 flat of Taylormade standard. They also have Lamkin UTX grips that have plenty of life left. I will let the pictures do the talking as far as condition, with the clubs I practiced most with being shown (4i, 8i, PW). The lead tape brings these to D3 SW. This can easily be removed for a D1 SW if the buyer chooses to have that done as well - just let me know what works best. I have some Pings on the way so please no trade offers this time around. Asking Price: $​365 OBO Shipped
  13. Up for sale today are three tour issue custom clubs hotmelted and ordered directly from Will Peoples as well as two Edel forged wedges. As always, prices are negotiable and all respectable offers will be responded to as promptly as possible. Combo deals CAN be worked out if you would like any and all of these, so let me know what you're interested in! Pictures should tell the story, but the hybrid and driver head could almost pass as brand new. The 4w only has light brush marks on the bottom and one mark high on the face from a sandy range ball. Wedges are very soft so there are some nicks from normal use in the sand, but those are reflected in the pictures and the price. Lead tape brings these to D5. Let me know if you want that removed for them to play D3. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. 1. TC Stamp Callaway Big Bertha 815 FW shafted with a Project X HZRDUS Black 85g Proto (2.5 torque) Loft: 17.8* Lie: 58.8* Length: 42" Swingweight: D3 Grip: Lamkin UTX Black with Blue End Cap Price: $155 OBO Shipped 2. TC Stamp Callaway XR Pro Hybrid shafted with a Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 9.8x Loft: 19.8* Lie: 59.9* Length: 40.5" Swingweight: D3 Grip: Lamkin UTX Black with Blue End Cap Price: $120 OBO Shipped 3. Tour Issue R15 Head Loft: 10.7* Lie: 58.8* Head Weight: 208g (Plays D4 at 44.5") Price: $150 OBO Shipped 4. Edel Forged Wedges Lofts: 52* and 58* Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 Grip: Lamkin UTX Black with Blue End Cap Price: $105 OBO Shipped
  14. Silly mistake guys. Inbox was full. Has been cleared and messages can be received, PMs will be responded to on first come first serve basis. Would love to make a combo deal. Thanks everyone.
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