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  1. i can appreciate not releasing a product if its not in stock.
  2. just booked oak creek, hard to find tee-times for the holidays. thanks guys
  3. hey guys and gals, the wife, myself and friends heading to the O.C. this coming weekend and need a couple of spots to play. staying at the monarch, we have played pelican hill-monarch-tijera creek-strawberry farm. something not to far away from the hotel as i want to wear my drinking shoes earlier than later
  4. just recently put a Titleist 7wood in the bag as my 210 club and love it, i cannot stand the hybrid look. i can hit that bugger anywhere from 200-220 when i step in it. the best thing is i don't have to over swing a 4iron 200 yards. fly's hi......
  5. TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE DIFFERENCE? i thought the raw was the most recent version how does it differ between the other versions, have you noticed anything, which did u like best?
  6. played tijeras creek this past weekend, no warm up and shot 15 over. played strawberry farms warmed up and shot 8 over, i still don't see how you guys do it. every single pro i know warms up on the range, in most instances almost all the pros i know in different sports warm up unless their late to the game. that includes, surfing-skateboarding-snowboarding-football-volleyball-basketball.
  7. i have tried a few different shafts in my wedges over the years and yes i feel they do make a big difference. for instance, chipping and full shots differ greatly with shafts. soft and flexy shafts are great for 5-10 pitch shots but then again to soft for full shots in my opinion, i prefer a stiffer or more boardy shaft that i can shape for full shots, easier to shape.
  8. iv'e lived there for many years and go back every year for at least a month to see family, any day is a good day on oahu!
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