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  1. TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE DIFFERENCE? i thought the raw was the most recent version how does it differ between the other versions, have you noticed anything, which did u like best?
  2. played tijeras creek this past weekend, no warm up and shot 15 over. played strawberry farms warmed up and shot 8 over, i still don't see how you guys do it. every single pro i know warms up on the range, in most instances almost all the pros i know in different sports warm up unless their late to the game. that includes, surfing-skateboarding-snowboarding-football-volleyball-basketball.
  3. i have tried a few different shafts in my wedges over the years and yes i feel they do make a big difference. for instance, chipping and full shots differ greatly with shafts. soft and flexy shafts are great for 5-10 pitch shots but then again to soft for full shots in my opinion, i prefer a stiffer or more boardy shaft that i can shape for full shots, easier to shape.
  4. iv'e lived there for many years and go back every year for at least a month to see family, any day is a good day on oahu!
  5. is there any other type of irons? i have only ever played blades, never tried a cavity back and never will.......
  6. weather is great here in california, santa barbara. our range is closed due to the fact the owner is a **ick( ty warner, beanie babies). he has also chosen to close 1 of the best courses in socal(rancho san marcos) entirely, why nobody knows why, he just does what he wants to do. he claims out of safety but come on it's out doors and they have to clean the balls after the range anyways. that being said w/ a warm up i'll shoot in the high 70's-low eighties and with out warm up, i'll shoot 50 on the front and 37-40 on the back. ouch!!!!!!
  7. love golf in general but even more during this covid fiasco. local course open but driving range is closed. to be really honest how in the hell can you play w/o a proper warm up, i mean really. i tried stretching, for 10 minutes, took some motrin, applied CBD's but the golf swing needs more than that. i played 18 yesterday and drove the ball like blind monkey. no rhythm, stiff, humping the ball and so on. finally ended up on hole 5, par 5 playing my 8 iron and bogey the hole. back loosened up, hips were clearing nicely and so on, so my question is for u guys is, how important is it for u to
  8. watching golf channel now and their talking about rory and how he is changing out the putter, they say he gained strokes w/ a blade putter over the mallet. granted these guys are great players. look also at justin rose with honma, he lost strokes, went back to taylormade and wallah. i love trying new clubs and will continue to do so, that being said i would think my money would be better spent on lessons but gosh darn i'm a club hoe!
  9. just got new wedges and put modus 120's in them, great feel and buttery but to flexy, lost 20+ yards....
  10. love my sim with the orange tensi, love my mp-20mb's and really like my scotty "6, BUT do i really need to buy the new sim? is it that different from last year, i know the numbers tell the truth on the simulator but in the real world conditions things are different. every year we buy a new driver you get 1 year older and for most of us our swing speed decreases, take for instance the irons, my first mizuno's were ground breaking but now, not so much for 8 years until i bought the mp-20's with the copper underlay. curious how many of you gained strokes with your new clubs compared to the old. w
  11. first bag i ever bought was a cart bag, looked cool but did not fit my needs feel over all the time and very impractical. i love stand-bags, takes a while to find the right bag that'll fit your needs but worth it....
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