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  1. Slightly different inserts. The SL black series is a little firmer than the original stroke lab series.
  2. Shafts are stock CFS Stiff Flex with Cushin inserts Black Color Code Standard Length Swingweight D1 Date entered into Ping System is May 13, 2014
  3. Here you go 11D2207 S55 5-9PW IRONS 1.00 39202 9272846 [b] [right][url=""]First[/url][url=""]Previous[/url][url=""]1[/url][url=""]Next[/url][url=""]Last[/url][/right][/b][url="http://www.pinggolf.biz/CSPNA/Common/SerialLookup.aspx#"]Copy Search Results[/url] [color=black] [size=5] Item Summary[/size][/color] Shaft CFS STIFF Shaft Step Cushin Length STD CLRCD/LIE BLACK Grip GP T-VELVET CRD 60R
  4. My wife who doesn't even golf says to me "I wonder how much his tooth would hurt if he was 7 under and not 7 over" probably not much at all. My teeth would hurt too if I dump 2 in the water on the same hole!
  5. You have a point, but it is wide enough at the stance end where it allows you to actually be able to stand on the putting surface. Most others you stand on the floor and putt on the mat where the mat is higher than your feet. To me, this caused an issue when heading to a real putting surface changing the distance in relation to both your hands to the ground and a slight more bend in posture. However, both are great product and you can't go wrong with either. Search some old posts hear about both of them and get some additional info.
  6. Big Moss are good but check out Truline putting greens, nothing but good things to say about them. Made in USA and shipped from Michigan.
  7. Best Staff bag Ping has put out in years!
  8. Sign me up, Ping S56 KBS Tour X soft stepped, Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord
  9. V2 if you hit it on the screws K15 if you cut the ball I15 if you hook the ball G15 if you want a forgiving driver and want to save a little cash at the same time G20 if you want the latest version of the G15,G10 etc. Find a Ping Demo day and get fitted if you can. It will make a world of difference.
  10. I never ever pick up a broken tee. If I do, bad shots are on the horizon. Even if the tee looks okay, I won't touch it just in case. Always mark the ball heads up and use quarters from the 1960's. Anything in the 60's is a good day!
  11. [quote name='AdamsStaffer2010 ' timestamp='1301449994' post='3100953'] absolutely spot on, very accurate [/quote] Thanks, with pants you can never tell. Each company is different. A 32 in one brand is 31 or even a 30 in another. I have a chance to get some at a really good price but don't have the chance to try any on. I have heard that these even run a little bigger than norm, so I thought I would see what others might have experienced.
  12. From a sizing standpoint, how do these fit in the waist?
  13. Sweet setup, welcome to the forums. Love the Titleist staff bags. One of the best!!
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