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  1. Yep never comment on anything that you happen to see that strikes you as silly or humorous. Interesting approach. You must be a lot of fun at parties.
  2. A) Strike the ball great, drive it well, hit solid iron shots... but putt terrible and shoot a lousy score OR B) Hit the ball lousy, feel like your swing is out of sync, but make a bunch of putts and up-and-downs, and somehow end up with a good score? In other words is it all about the score, or does hitting it well/poorly have more impact on how you feel about the round? I've had rounds where I hit the ball terrible but made a bunch of long putts and ended up with a solid score. But I never feel good about my game after a round like that. Whereas if I stripe the ball but can't make a putt, for whatever reason I don't feel as bad.
  3. Random observation but I just have to laugh at these commercials aimed at making golf seem hip and cool for the millennials. Latest one has 4 people who look like Abercrombie models goofing around on the course, with tag lines like "grab your crew and go clubbing", and "golf: where you nine AND wine". Or "where you walk on as a single, but ride out with a squad." It just seems cringeworthy to me. It feels like something a group of old white guys came up with by sitting in a board room and trying to imitate how the young folks talk. Only bright spot is that the one woman In the commercial (the one wearing the sleeveless top) is just ridiculously hot. Almost hot enough to forgive the entire commercial, but not quite. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/qZ7Z/golfnow-com-nine-and-wine
  4. Zinger gets a lot of hate it seems. I think he's OK. Not great, but fine. I'd take him any day over Faldo and IBF.
  5. 4thand11

    Louie O

    I like Louie and was pulling for him today. But this is really a pattern he has of quietly folding in the final round. And I'm not buying that Collin was just too good today, that the kid just went out and took it and there was nothing Louie could have done. Louie needed to shoot -3 to get into a playoff today. Course was playing very easy and a ton of guys were under par. 16 players managed to shoot 3-under or better today, but Louie puts up a ho-hum +1. I don't like to use the word choke but that was a sad attempt at closing out a tournament he led after the first 3 rounds. That sand shot where he flew the green into the other bunker was pretty much the end of his chances, you never got the feeling he was going to right the ship or seriously challenge for the title after that. So many tentative putts, some wayward shots... he just looked tight. On a broader level it is quite fair to argue that Louie is the biggest underachiever in the game. Fantastic swing and ball striker. Best putter on tour this year. He should be racking up wins. He's played 200 PGA tour events in his career and won a grand total of 1. That is inexcusable for a player of his talent.
  6. Hate to say this but just never had any confidence that Louie was gonna close it out. One of the best swings on the planet and best putter on tour this year, leading after rounds 1-3, this should have been his to win. But as has been typical he just kinda faded, putts stop dropping, a few loose drives, seems to happen every time. I'll put it this way... as soon as Morikawa took the lead was there anyone expecting Louie to come back? He did have that one phenomenal shot on the 250yd Par 3 but by then he had already lost the tournament by a slow bleed of mediocre play, on a day when he needed one more great round to win.
  7. Morikawa's long iron play is ridiculous. He fires at pins from 190 like other guys hitting short irons from 150. Still think he's somewhat underachieved based on his ball striking, basically needs to just putt average to win. Still very young though, if he improves his putting like Louie or Kokrak has, look out.
  8. I can't see any way Cobra keeps its relationship with Bryson. How much does your #1 spokesperson going on TV and saying your product sucks, cost a company financially? Has to be in the millions. Why pay a player to damage your brand? It would be akin to Ricky Fowler going on Twitter and saying Rocket Mortgage is a bunch of money hungry crooks.
  9. Three words to sum up the Bryson/Brooks "fued"... Player Impact Program
  10. Yeah amazing how the British announcers are able to cover the same tournaments with 1/10th the words. I can still remember watching the British coverage of the Open Championship a while back, and Rory sliced an iron on a Par 3 way right into the crowd. Peter Aliss simply said, "Oh Rory... that was a stinker." That was all he said. No analysis of his hips or his grip or his feet or any other non-stop yapping.
  11. I don't think there was anyone including his wife who expected Hadley to make that putt.
  12. Well that was a meltdown for sure but congrats to Higgo. Just turned 22, already tearing it up in Europe and now a PGA win in his 2nd start. Pretty impressive.
  13. My putting has improved quite a bit this year. Biggest change was going back to my old Bobby Grace blade putter that I started out with over 10 years ago. It is heavier and more upright and gives me a much more consistent SBST stroke. I had tried every kind of mallet putter there was, thinking "bigger is better" in terms of putter head size and MOI. But this blade putter has great balance and I don't know why I ever stopped using it. Agree 100% with the advice about practicing the 4-footers. Those are the killers that I tend to tighten up over because I think I should make it. By practicing the speed I have a lot more confidence to just stay loose and roll it from that distance during the round.
  14. Tough to even know if it is an aim issue or if you are actually aiming correctly but pushing/pulling the ball. As to aiming in general I find it helps to stand directly behind the ball and pick out my aim spot, then address the ball - rather than trying to aim from beside the ball while addressing it, which often leads to misalignment.
  15. I had a similar issue (as do many players, it's a common one!)... and not to be a shill for Monte but I bought the No-Turn Cast lessons over the winter and it really helped me solve this exact problem. My issue with the longer irons was taking club too inside and then wiping across. I was able to hit the short irons OK, but would get stuck with the longer clubs. Monte's lessons really helped me with this exact problem (and helped improve my ball striking with the short irons also).
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