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  1. My putting has improved quite a bit this year. Biggest change was going back to my old Bobby Grace blade putter that I started out with over 10 years ago. It is heavier and more upright and gives me a much more consistent SBST stroke. I had tried every kind of mallet putter there was, thinking "bigger is better" in terms of putter head size and MOI. But this blade putter has great balance and I don't know why I ever stopped using it. Agree 100% with the advice about practicing the 4-footers. Those are the killers that I tend to tighten up over because I think I should make it.
  2. Tough to even know if it is an aim issue or if you are actually aiming correctly but pushing/pulling the ball. As to aiming in general I find it helps to stand directly behind the ball and pick out my aim spot, then address the ball - rather than trying to aim from beside the ball while addressing it, which often leads to misalignment.
  3. I had a similar issue (as do many players, it's a common one!)... and not to be a shill for Monte but I bought the No-Turn Cast lessons over the winter and it really helped me solve this exact problem. My issue with the longer irons was taking club too inside and then wiping across. I was able to hit the short irons OK, but would get stuck with the longer clubs. Monte's lessons really helped me with this exact problem (and helped improve my ball striking with the short irons also).
  4. There is no way JT meant to hit that draw that close to the water on 18. With that much draw spin it could easily have kicked left into the water. Guy was racking up birdies all week though, not taking anything away from him.
  5. Ah well that missed putt by Westie on 17 seals it. Well earned win by JT but would have loved to see Lee win this.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I like that bottle drill! Addresses exactly the problem I have on the course.
  7. So at the beginning of this year, due to COVID, my local course had PVC pipes in the holes, in place of flagsticks. I was putting much better because speed was not much of a concern, i essentially could just hit it hard into the pipe, and it counted as good. On some shorter ones I would practically just ram it into the pipe like a hockey slap shot. Line was almost always perfect when I did this - ball would go dead in the middle of the pipe every time. And I pull/push short putts all the time. This made me realize that when I putt the ball hard, it almost always goes exactly on
  8. This has been my major problem but I've had little luck fixing it. I have a quick tempo naturally and if I try to "slow down" my backswing it's always a disaster. Anyway I happened upon this Youtube video and there was a deceptively simple drill where you grab the club with just your trail hand fingers and feel it "float" behind you as you start the downswing. It was really an aha moment for me. I realized that I have been gripping the club WAY too tight and hitting at the ball from the top. By loosening my grip pressure and taking some half swings with that "float"
  9. McCarron does a great job in that commercial where he's a bad stand-up comic. Great deadpan delivery. Also I know the jokes are supposed to be bad but I must admit I lol'ed at the Velcro joke.
  10. This is probably a random topic, but I have a severe phobia of lightning. I realize, of course, that people DO get struck by lightning on golf courses sometimes, and it is a legitimate danger... however my phobia is to the point where I can't play if there is even a slight chance of storms in the forecast. My nightmare is getting stranded out on the course when a lightning storm blows in. The issue I run into is that I live in an area where storms are in the forecast regularly during the summer months. And also, my friends who I play with are not afraid in the slightest. They will keep pl
  11. Maybe Brooks read the posts here about how he's too much of a machine, and decided to miss a tap-in putt to change things up.
  12. > @MattyO1984 said: > I completely agree. That said, if he were an unfit looking man then it would be perfectly acceptable. LOL
  13. > I don't get the fanboy thing. I want to see whomever is playing the best win. Koepka is beating the **** out of the strongest field in golf on a 7400 yard par 70 monster with a slope rating of 155. If that is boring to you take up badminton or something. I think anyone can appreciate his level of play but he's not that easy of a guy to root for. Not even his fault, he may be a nice guy off the course I have no idea. But many people tend to root for players who wear their emotions on their sleeve a little more.
  14. You know what annoys me? When people tell me not to be annoyed.
  15. Rahmbo gonna miss the cut, disappointing the way he'd been playing
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