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  1. studio style newport 2 34 340 stock grip and cover gss insert model 140 obo 2011 holiday cover 75 buy both for 200 prices include shipping
  2. I may have a 6 iron free of nicks if buyer wants pm me you can have it for shipping I knew saving those demos would pay off lol
  3. Most will carry at least 2 but upto 4
  4. Nike vr tour graphite design tour ad di 7x tipped 1" 3.4hc
  5. I have 3 9015d heads still and I believe my stockpile of vr tours is up to 6... That being said the classic 290 is close however vr tour still has it. I play mine 9.5 with ad di 7x tipped 1" and it's longer than my 9015 with the whiteboard 83x
  6. sorry op but your facts are slightly off and you crossed the line attacking people you have 2 posts and both are bragging about engineering and hc. Have you worked as a golf club engineer or do you like 90% of engineers I know do nothing resembling engineering all day long and sit in your office and degrade coworkers that can't possibly be as smart as you because they didn't want to take differential equations and the other pointless classes for the business admin job your more than likely doing .
  7. Nike epoxy can be stubborn but 5 min is a lot I would say that either your heat gun isn't working quite right (happened to me the other day only half my coil was glowing) or that your going to have one of two options ruin the shaft or pull it with a heated rod
  8. Ng he wants to use the grips on there not a tutorial on regripping... I use a brass club brush with hot water and dawn when people ask me to keep the grips they have brings them back pretty well if they have dry rot however you are out of luck
  9. Not lower end compression channel clubs have been in the better players line for some reason
  10. Top 5 reasons people think everyone is a poser 1: he wears nice clothes so he is making up for something 2: his clubs are this years model ( haters never think they have new clubs because last years were worn out) 3: his bag bag is just showing off ( my big bag has rain gear extra gloves and a first aid kit ) 4: he plays high end golf balls to impress people ( people who lose 4 a round shouldn't pay $4 a ball) 5: he hits an expensive shaft because distance is all he cares about ( hates don't get the concept of dispersion from changing a shaft And I'll play anybody who honestly get
  11. Home improvement store get a piece of corner moulding the real cheap plastic kind cut to 30 inches twice drill a 3/16 hole in each end about 2 inches in from each end and attach to green with tees about 6 bucks enjoy. As far as keeping face square I put lines on with a sharpie every inch both sides and concentrated on keeping it square that way
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