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  1. I’d give em a whirl. They don't look ridiculous from address. I’ll try any club. If I feel it works, I’d go with it. (Assuming I make a good swing)
  2. I have for sale 3 Cleveland CBX2 wedges. I've played 9 holes of golf with them and hit them during 2 range sessions. I've replaced the grips with Golf Pride Tour Velvets. I am selling these as a set. They are in great condition. I won't sell individual wedges. I will pay shipping in the CONUS only. you may be the proud owner of this set of wedges for only $SOLD
  3. In the pic i'm showing 24.5" to the ring on the paint change. This shaft is tipped 1/4" so therefore its 24 3/4" to this point (if untipped). I hope that helps.
  4. pmang

    TP5 question

    I’ve been playing ProV1’s all year until I recently switched my driver to a Sim 2 Max and switched my irons to ZX5’s. As a result I needed a wee bit more spin from a ball on those clubs. I played a Ping G425 max driver and spun it more than the sim. The TP5 ball works better for my equipment change.
  5. I have an MGI Zip Navigator and it came with a drink holder. I bought mine on Amazon. I really like that I can just walk and not have to carry or push a cart. yesterday I used it for the first time. In a comical moment I hit the wrong controls and basically ran myself over!
  6. Out of these hybrids I found the following: the Sim2 Max was good, I like it but a bit too draw biased for me. Maybe because it’s the most upright lie angle? The Sim2 is very appealing to the eye but I need a bit more forgiveness/easier to hit hybrid. The G425 is whats-in-the-bag currently. It’s maybe 5 yards longer than my G410. I’ve tried to use it most of the summer but I’m going to put the G410 22* stiff back in the bag due to it goes the yardage I need (200 - 205) and I feel I’m more consistent with it. They are all excellent choices though.
  7. This is also my favorite putter grip. I’ve had a couple on backorder at Golfworks all summer. Last week they sent me an email that said they won’t have them back in stock until April 2022?!
  8. I'd like to know now that the EX putter has been out for a season what your opinions are of the Spider EX? Anyone have a recent review?
  9. I recently tried a TSI2 at GG with a GD Tour AD-DI 6S shaft. I really liked how it played and felt. Does anyone know if Titleist tips these shafts at the factory? I want to buy one and put it in a Cobra Radspeed XB and want it to play similar to the Titleist but need to know if it needs to be tipped?
  10. Thank you for the quick response. I don’t see that they’re taper tip in your attachment?
  11. For those who have reshafted ZX5 irons, are they taper or parallel tip? Thanks in advance.
  12. One I didn’t sell, but lost to my Son wanting it, was a Cobra Radspeed XB that he wanted to try and he hits it well. I’m not getting it back now! I tried it again today while we played and I think I’m going to have to buy another. It’s better than my G425 Max I feel.
  13. I struggled with the feel of the stock CB70 Slate shaft in my G425 22*. I tried all of the aftermarket ones, Tensei Orange, Tensei Blue, Ping Tour. Final shaft I tried was the Ping CB70 Red stiff from the G410 and it worked better than all the rest. It made all the difference. I added a wee bit o’ hot melt for swingweight and its perfect!
  14. Looks like Patrick Reed has his Ping G400 LST back in the bag?
  15. I have for sale a mint condition Cobra Radspeed XD 10.5* driver with 3 stiff flex shafts. I've hit this driver on the range twice but never played a round with it. It came with the Fujikura Motore X F3 stiff shaft (tipped 3/8"). I'm also including a new (from Cobra) a Aldila 110 MSI Rogue Silver 60 stiff flex shaft w/Cobra adapter and a Aldila NV 2KXV Blue stiff shaft that also has a Cobra adapter on it. Package includes Cobra wrench and headcover along with both an 8 gram weight and 6 gram weight. All the shafts play length is around 45.25". I will pay shipping in CONUS only. Will go SOLD Thank you!!
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