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  1. I’m more interested in the Cobra than the Taylormade for sure!
  2. For me I’ve found the Z-Star, TP5, ProV1 and Tour BXS interchangeable and distance wise pretty much equal.
  3. Does anyone know when Cobra will have the formal release of this new line?
  4. I’ve heard it’s been toned down a lot on looks. Not so obnoxious on colors.
  5. Your tipping shown here is exactly what I did. No regrets.
  6. What is the make up of the new set? I have a set of pulls out in the shop I can send you. I think I have either 5 - GW? Modus 105 stiff. I also have a set of 5 - PW regular. (Free O’ charge) Let me know. And Merry Christmas!
  7. You found it shorter? I thought it was right there with everything else. The one I had was a 10.5* XB with a Ventus red 6S. It felt great, sounded great and flew in the right flight window. Traded for a Sim 2 Max. I sprayed that thing like I was drunk!
  8. I’ve been thinking about picking up a Radspeed XB again. I found that driver to be at the top for 2021. I had one but sold it. Just another Golf regret…
  9. Actually Reece Bobby quoted that… I was sitting in class that day. Just sayin’….
  10. My favorite was a OG Sim D that I hot melted to a more neutral bias with a Ventus blue Velocore stiff shaft that played 45.25” and D3 SW. I should have never sold that damn thing!!!!!
  11. I too liked the G410 better than the G425. I’ve finally settled on the G425, but I had to spend a too much money on a shaft to make it work (Ventus Blue HB) The G410 worked better in a stock setting that the stock G425 for me.
  12. SOLD!! I have for sale a set of Srixon ZX5 irons which consist of 5 iron through pitching wedge. I bought these new and reshafted with Modus 120 stiff flex (they came with Modus 105 reg). They are standard loft, length and lie. They have Tour Velvet 58 round grips. I have about 12 rounds on these. I will ship these via UPS ground and pay shipping in the CONUS only. Thank you!!
  13. I have a Sim 2 Max 5 wood with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK 60 stiff that plays 42 1/4". This is a Taylormade version of this shaft. I've played 2 rounds of golf with it. Headcover included. I will pay and ship in the CONUS only via UPS Ground. Thank you!
  14. This has been my experience also.
  15. Interested in a response also….
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