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  1. Why would you want them longer? Isn’t a hybrid supposed to cover a certain yardage like an iron?
  2. I have for sale a Sim Max 15* fairway wood that I bought new and reshafted with an Aldila Tour Blue stiff shaft. Play length is 43". I've hit it twice off the fairway. Looks brand new. Shaft was tipped 1.25" and plays smooth. Comes with headcover. I will pay shipping in CONUS only. SOLD. Also for sale is a Scotty Cameron Select 34" Flowback 5. I've reshafted this so it plays truly face balanced without toe flow (as you can see in the pics). It has the 15 gram weights in it. There is a faint rub low on the face but other than that it is excellent. Comes with headcover. I will pay sh
  3. I have for sale a set of Srixon Z585 forged irons. I've played 4 rounds with. Set make up is 4 iron through PW. I've had 1* of loft added to the irons. The lie and length angles are stock. Modus 105 stiff flex and Golf Pride Tour Velvet .58 grips logo down. I will pay shipping in the CONUS only. Thank you!
  4. pmang

    SIM Max D

    I bought a SIM MAX D after reading about Keegan Bradley using one. I struggled a bit with the Sim Max fading too much. I hot melted the head in a neutral position to 198 grams. Picked up a real Ventus Velocore blue shaft in stiff. I’m playing it untipped at 45.25”. It’s very straight. I think the lie angle is a degree or 2 more upright which helps. I believe that taylormade should have marketed this driver to the general public instead of the Sim Max.
  5. Are there ZX5 demo’s out yet for comparison?
  6. If you read my original post, I’ve hot melted mine in the center rear (neutral) to bring the weight to 198 grams. I’m playing it at 45.25” with a 50 gram grip. It’s D3 swing weight as a result.
  7. I found it very straight with no draw bias what so ever. I hit it side by side with my 10.5 Sim Max which definitely had more fade bias. To me, this is the driver they should have marketed to the general public. They could have called it “SIM Max Straight”. It’s more forgiving. The lie is a degree or 2 more upright, sets up square and I didn’t notice it being any more spinny that the regular Max. It’s staying in the bag.
  8. I have for sale a used SIM Max 10.5* driver with a Aldila Rogue Silver 60 stiff flex shaft. I've played 5 rounds with it. It also comes with an additional Evenflow Blue 6.0 shaft tipped 3/8" with taylormade adapter already installed and also plays 45.25". Play length of this driver with Rogue shaft is 45.25" and the headweight is 198 grams. It's been hot melted neutral bias. It comes with the head cover and wrench. It has a couple very tiny pin sized paint chips in the upper toe area not visible at address. I will pay shipping in the CONUS only. $SOLD Thank you!
  9. It seems you’ve found an excellent fitter. There have been so many bad experiences at big box retailers with so called “fitters” and sadly most consumers don’t know any better. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  10. I just picked up a Sim Max D head today (10.5*) and hot melted it neutral to 198 grams. Also picked up a real Ventus Blue Velocore stiff and have the play length at 45.25”. I’ll give it a whirl on Saturday morning and see how it does. The head really fits my eye and does not look like a draw biased head. Hopefully the neutral hot melt keeps the direction more straight but I think that’ll be more my swing than the club.
  11. pmang

    Srixon Z585's

    Just yesterday I was at the range/golf shop testing 585’s, P770 and MP20 HMP’s against my i210’s. My Pings have DG 105 stiff. The 585 had the Modus 105 stiff. The 585’s were a better club for me in every way. I bought them. I liked the feel of the Srixon better than the others. Very forgiving and straight. They are excellent!
  12. I have for sale a Ping G410+ with the Ping Tour stiff shaft. I haven't played this on the course but did hit it on the grass range. One session. I scuffed the bottom towards the front you'll see in pics once (drop kick) since the range was dry and hard. As a result, my loss is your gain. Comes with headcover and wrench. I will pay shipping in CONUS only. $285.00 firm. Thank you!
  13. I have an extra one since I’ve recently purchased a newer one. PM me (Rob K)and I’ll send it to you.
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