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  1. Newest version swing & stroke analyzer with Gen 3 sensor that also supports short game and bunker modes. Used a handful of times, SOLD.
  2. Ecco Biom Spikeless golf shoes. Never on course just tried on/paced around indoors, a tad too small for me. Been sitting in my garage, need them cleared out. Size 9 or Euro 42. Do not have original box. Update: SOLD
  3. Your experience with both seems to back up what a few others have also stated, Fusion is more forgiving with M2 longer if hit on the screws. Thanks for your follow up reply.
  4. Yep, that’s why I am looking for one. From what I have read I’m sure the M2 would work for me. Currently using a Ping G30 SFT, do not slice so looking for a more neutral faced head. The Fusion stock shaft offerings seem to be switched out more frequently vs the M2 but I could be wrong. I have always just played stock shafts in the past, I am sure I am leaving yards out there w/o a proper fitting. Should be my next order of business when golf shops reopen.
  5. Manima1 & Valtiel, thanks for your input. Sounds like I am definitely more of a candidate for the Fusion, need the extra forgiveness and definitely not a long driver of the ball. Guess I got sucked up by Rick Shields and others who rated the M2 very highly.
  6. I know about the big Fusion Driver thread but haven’t come across any direct comparisons between these 2 drivers. Anyone have any experience with these? Both are supposed to be forgiving and can keep up with 2019-2020 offerings. The M2 apparently has the edge in distance but this is just my conclusion based on others opinions, haven’t seen actual launch monitor numbers. I know getting properly fit is key but want to limit this comparison to the stock shafts. Also the 2017 M2 is slightly different, just want a comparison of the 2016 M2 vs the Fusion.
  7. I opened the thread because there was no way I could find a way to leave feedback. I contacted a moderator and he suggested this course of action.
  8. I paid $130, return shipping was a little over $20.
  9. OK, let’s assume that “light shop wear” is acceptable and that return shipping is not covered unless requested before sending the item back. Let’s also assume I had buyer’s remorse (for whatever reason), had unrealistic expectations and was just a pain in the a#@. Assuming all of the aforementioned, how do you reconcile the following statement by the seller in post #2 stating “I received the item back and there were no marks scratches, scuffs or use marks on the superspeed system” with the change in the items condition when it was reposted? From Post #2: Let me get on the front end of this, the superspeed system was never used, period. The buyer received the item, and right away said it has been used can I send it back; I gladly accepted. I received the item back and there were no marks scratches, scuffs or use marks on the superspeed system. I will admit I did not read the BST rules clear enough, I should have waited the 30 days to repost them. The original buyer is now asking for shipping refund, which should have been done beforehand not 10 days later.
  10. If the set I received had heads that were in similar condition to the ones in your pics I would have kept them. The best way to describe the set I received is bag clatter wear. Not the type of wear that is normal when an item is new or even swung a few hundred times.
  11. No, I would not purchase a club with shop wear from a retailer nor would I consider it new. Those are called demo clubs and are generally sold at a slight discount. Does it affect performance? Probably not, but the set was clearly used beyond light shop wear. The main point being brought up here for the umpteenth time is “never used” is not the same as “light shop wear”.
  12. For the last time, the set was listed as “never used”. I received them, noted that there were scuffs on the shafts, grip wear, and small scratches and dings on the heads (you can’t see them in the posted pictures). Seller relisted as “light shop wear” on repost. I didn’t ask for reimbursement for return shipping originally because I thought I may have misunderstood the original For Sale post. I tried to look for it but it was deleted. Last night I found a link to it and it was then that I saw the term “never used” in the description. Hence my request for reimbursement for the return shipping costs. If I use the logic that you/some others are suggesting about what is new, why did the seller change the description of the condition of the item from “never used” to “light shop wear”? So “never used” = “light shop wear” now?
  13. I am going to let others comment on this reply, I must not know what “never used” means.
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