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  1. Dear Mr & Mrs Ogio. Bring back the original Woode top and I will buy a new bag for everyone in my family. Thank you & I love you.
  2. 32 more sleeps? I'm in. I care more about my ball flying down the fairway than the color scheme.
  3. So, with the agreement between Arccos & Taylormade, I see that with my P770's I can get a set of screw-on sensors for free. But........I was wondering if the grip options will be available for the in-grip Arccos sensors. Anyone heard anything? https://www.golfwrx.com/639550/taylormade-golf-announces-new-partnership-with-arccos-golf/
  4. Against all "Amateur" recommendations, I carry a RTX4 62 and use it routinely. I feel very confident using it and have not found a club to replace it with in my bag.
  5. Not to redirect the title of this thread, but does anyone have a review of the P770's and MMT's? Mine are ordered and scheduled to be built late Nov.
  6. YES! As a player with a height deficiency, I need a lower lie angle.
  7. I thought I was the only one who got the rejection email for the 10th year in a row.
  8. Love all the Adams talk. I still pull out the CB3 Satins- tour issue. So easy to hit. Great thread.
  9. Ordered mine through DDans and they have been very transparent with delivery/build dates- always enjoy doing business with them. But, I also ordered them not expecting them to be in my bag till way after the MN season ended around here. It's been quite the summer........Walker Trolley, ARCCOS Link, and now my P770's. I am becoming the king of patience.
  10. Be gentle- it's my first ad.... Got fitted at 2nd Swing and found Reg shafts to be the new norm for me. So, I'm cleaning house to pay for my new shafts. Shipping included to the conti USA. Paypal. 1) Cleveland RTX 4's- 50SOLD, 52midSOLD, 54SOLD, 58low. All standard except for a few installed Iomic blue grips. Bent a degree flat. Nice & clean. $70/each 2) Oban Devotion 8 04- stiff 85grams. Titleist tip. Blue Iomic grip. 38" tip2grip. $SOLD 3) ACCRA TZ6 Proto 84h M4 stiff. Callaway tip. Blue Iomic grip. 39" tip2grip. $SOLD 4) ACCRA TZ6 Proto
  11. MINE GETS DELIVERED TOMORROW! Woot woot! Review to follow after Saturday morning round.........UPDATE Just unboxed! It looks awesome. The thing was packaged incredibly. Pipes were wrapped with padding and zip tied, wheels were on the bottom and held snug on their own cardboard. Took about 5 minutes to unpack and set up- make sure you have a wire cutter for the zip ties. I watched the setup video last week when it was released and it was spot on. I'll try to get a pic of my Titty Lightweight Cart bag on it tomorrow.....sorry, I mean Titleist. :) Now, if the accessories & my Arcc
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