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  1. Using Steelfibers on Apex Pro?
  2. I love Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter coming from TM Spider X and added Apex Pro Hybrid 20. Edison Wedges (51,55,59) will be the only set not to be replaced in 2021
  3. Finally, I got to hit a 2021 Apex Pro 7 iron with MMT 95 S at PGATS. Initially, I thought I wouldn't find it on the demo rack. The ZXs beat out the whole store with KBS $Taper. I was hoping for an MMT for ZXs until a fresh wrapped Apex Pro available for a demo. I'm so totally in love with Apex Pro, or was it the shaft? I'm looking forward to finding the MMT shaft on zx7 as of today, 2021 Apex Pro 105 TX is on my radar coming from i210 with i95 CW Steelfiber.
  4. After two rounds with Edison Wedges 51-55-59 (One of 500) and they performed as advertised. I have been using SM6/7 since my Scor Golf wedges’ grooves wore out. Sorry, Titleist... the wedges were the last one's in my bag for a while.
  5. I went with Blueprint for a short time then switched to i210, boosted my confidence. It's DG120 s300 and performed almost flawlessly so far ??
  6. I am wondering if L.A.B. Golf offers on-site fitting in Reno. It would be easier to try different grips, etc. I went to Cool Clubs and offered me a fitting but lack of line sights or varies of grips before ordering DF however, I want to try the blade too. Anyone from Phoenix area, I would love to try the putters on the grass instead of turf. Lmk!
  7. I would like to know if Fisher Golf is still in the business. The website is running, but not taking orders, or no one answered emails, even phone calls. I'm still using the CTS-7 model and hoping to find another backup, however the insert is still good. It performs and feels much better than the current putters out there, Spider X and others.
  8. Go with Spider X I was waiting for the new Lab putter. I spent enough time at the store to compare and walked out with X and replaced the grip with Flatcat. It felt better than Superstroke :)
  9. I love my 64* PM Grind wedge so it went Along with my 52-56-60 SM7. I would rather have the same wedge sets but Titleist didn't make a good one for me with 64* :( I’ll try SM8 soon.
  10. Oh great! I was looking forward to reading instead of the podcast because I'm deaf :(
  11. For many years, I couldn’t hit the blades so well until recently, and I love it after switched to Ben Hogan FT Worth Black to help my game with distance control, etc. by far compared to CB or bigger :( I am ready for MP-20 MB with 4/5 HMB!
  12. Love my Ft Worth Black with DG s300! Will switch 4-6 irons with AMT White. As for PTX Pro, I had a demo 6/9 irons last week to compare with my set. I had PTX demo in the past. I would go for Black to control your game with distance, etc. PTX/PTX Pro couldn't give me a better dispersion! Try the demos first :)
  13. * City and State (US Only): Surprise, AZ * Handicap: 10 * Current Irons: Ben Hogan Ft Worth Black * Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: Progressive Inverted Cone Technology is the feature that I would rely on for my long irons especially coming from Ben Hogan irons. * If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Yes! It would be a very detailed review in American Sign Language and CC in videos also text/photos.
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