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  1. That's Dustin Johnson's putter you're thinking of.
  2. The older SS grips are a pain in the a** to get on, they're much tighter and need plenty of solvent. I usually have to really press straight on from the end of the grip, I've even used a rubber mallet to tap it the last inch or two. The newer ones are a little easier to get on. As for removal, I've just cut them off because I don't have a grip needle/pump.
  3. Not my style of putter but some pretty slick looking sticks being posted here.
  4. I'll pull the PW for a little bump/chip and run action plenty of times from about 25-40 away from the pin.
  5. Weird not seeing him rolling the White Hot #1
  6. Loved the White Hot XG insert.
  7. This used to be the norm back in the day, but given today's society, probably not such a great idea. The fans in golf already get pretty close to the players as it is.
  8. Hand me down from my dad's old set. Couldn't hit it worth a damn. Used to tee off with a 2 or 3 iron on most holes instead.
  9. I'm a high handicapper so I need forgiveness and loft. Reaching and holding the green is a luxury for me at my level.
  10. First wedges that really worked for me were the Cleveland CG14's. I have used the Mizuno 10 series and liked them and now have the T20's and love them.
  11. I think they came out with the pistol the same time they added the counter core option so all of the pistol grips come with the flattened top. The older grips seem to be the only ones I find with the rounded top.
  12. Depends on the day. What I appreciate about it's trickiness is that in any given round a trunk slammer might be able to pull off a shot or a putt that a pro makes and the next shot they get completely humbled.
  13. I've had both and hung on to the O Works, I like the firmer feel.
  14. I picked up a CPO Austin over the winter. I want to say that it didn't even advertise a headcover and came with a Toulon HC. I'd agree with maybe giving a call and see if they'd be willing to rectify it. Maybe it depends on condition, I bought a Excellent or Like New. Otherwise you can find a stock Toulon blade HC on ebay for about $20
  15. Without knowing what you normally putt with I'd be just spitballing. Could be you like a more narrow grip. It may also be you putt better with a thinner faced blade. If that's the case perhaps a #9 style putter like Phil uses would be to you liking. Could be the lighter weight suits your putting stroke. I'd try a combination of these things to see if one, two or all three are what matches your putting style.
  16. It has helped me to realize that I am awful at golf. I'm also addicted to it. It's a great place to get away either by myself with my thoughts or with a few buddies to swap stories. It's kind of like a 4 hour version of deer camp with a bit less debauchery. I've had some good times with my father who recently passed, I've witnessed one of my best friends hit a hole in one and I've gotten a good amount of solid life advice as well as some terrible golf tips.
  17. Obiwan21

    Ol' Faithful

    My first Scotty. Newport 2.0 that my wife surprise bought me for my birthday. Will never sell it.
  18. It's not just limited to golf. Catch an NFL broadcast with a rookie QB or RB who has a hot game. They're immediately labeled a super star, all pro, etc. Collinsworth is one of the worst for this. Sam Bradford had one good game with the Vikings against a miserable Packer secondary and he had him getting fitted for a gold HOF jacket.
  19. I've heard numerous great reviews for BOS Refinishing.
  20. Guarantee the boss gave him about 20 minutes to move the pin. He took 2 minutes to move it 3" then spent the next 18 minutes sucking lung darts.
  21. Don't know about my best, my memory isn't as good as it used to be. My most recent was a 135yd drive on a Par 3 that I stuck within 3 feet of the pin. Followed with a 3 putt.
  22. Love my hybrids. That said, I went through about 4 different brands before I settled on Taylor Made. I'd demo what I could or hit a buddy's and figure out what feels good.
  23. I've been gaming Mizuno wedges for 8 years, loving them.
  24. I've got all I can do to manage a 60*, I can't imagine going to a 64
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