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  1. Played a quick 9 this morning. Round started a little slow with approach shots landing either few yards short of the green or on the fringe. I realized I kept pulling 1 club less due to the stronger lofts so I was essentially playing the lofts of my previous set. After making the change and pulling the correct club, I finished with 3 straight pars. I love these irons
  2. pdxhak

    Sub 70 Clubs

    TXG review of the Sub 70 649 and TAIII irons
  3. Honma Srixon Gauge Design (Japan)
  4. It took a couple rounds to get the irons dialed in. The TW X irons are just as I had hoped for. I love the sound and feel and the extra distance due to stronger lofts is nice. Last year I added the TW W4 wedges to the bag and they have been awesome. Having both makes for a great looking bag
  5. I will see if still have the attachment to blow grips off.
  6. My irons were delivered after FedEx officially declared them lost! They were a day late and the box was ripped open but thankfully all the irons were there and undamaged After 2 range sessions and a quick 9, I can say they are as advertised! They are compact heal to toe, forgiving on toe hits (which is what I was looking for), and sound and feel great. Thin shots were not as forgiving and noticed a decent loss of distance. Thankfully thin shots is not a frequent miss for me. I will need to get the lies adjusted and likely change the Honma grips. I plan to play a couple more round
  7. FedEx has declared my irons lost. I have sent 3 messages and left 1 voice mail with the seller. If I do not hear back soon then I will share their name just to give everyone a heads up. I'm hoping the seller just submits a claim for a full refund from FedEx and just sends me another set.
  8. Is this the one? $13 plus shipping. https://www.ironfinder.com/item_detail.asp?sku=6747
  9. I'm looking to have a single hear refinished to make a paper weight for my desk. I like the Hogan Sunburst and Wilson Button Back but open to suggestions. Looking for a head with interesting details that would really pop after being refinished.
  10. My irons my be lost. FedEx is looking into it. They said if they cannot find the shipment they will pay for a replacement set so that is good.
  11. FedEx drivers are trolling me with the drive-bys. Just drop off my sticks!
  12. pdxhak

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I want to give a huge shout out to Sub 70 and their customer service! Last year I ordered 699 Pro demo irons and forgot to return them. I recently reached out to @JaySub70 and he had me contact Cody. Cody quickly generated a new shipping label and then called me after he received the clubs to discuss my refund. I requested store credit which he was more than happy to provide.
  13. My set is scheduled to arrive today and the wait is killing me
  14. Currently 4 but likely to drop to 3 next week. Honma, Srixon, Wishon, Gauge Design.
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