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  1. I have a set of FG-17s that I put in the bag a few times a year just for fun. Love the FGs irons and have no plans to sell them.
  2. I think we would need to know if this FSK had the updated firmware. Speaking of which, has anyone be able to test on the new firmware to confirm if any of the known issues were resolved?
  3. Nice! Please let us know if the update corrects any of the known issues that have been discussed. I have exchanged a couple of emails with Fullswing and about ready to pull the trigger
  4. Think of it from the manufactures perspective. If all the individual parts are forged and then welded together, how would you describe the product? For instance would you have issues if the irons were described as "forged 2 piece" or "forged 3 piece" like wheel manufactures do?
  5. IMO as long as the manufacture is clear about what is forged. Some hollow irons do have a forged body and face from different materials but they are still forged. Just not from a single block of metal.
  6. Last year I changed irons and they definitely improved my game and scores. My miss is on the toe and the new irons lose less distance.
  7. I recently bought a dozen of Maxfli Tour yellow for Winter golf. This will be my first time gaming a yellow ball and looking forward to see how they play.
  8. I have not worked with Haywood but the few reviews here seem positive. Sub70 definitely has awesome service!
  9. Haywood has plans for full line of woods in 2022. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTH8P5aFK1C/
  10. Watched a few Trackman Combine videos and curious if the FSK has any built in skills tests that are similar.
  11. No. Sorry for the confusion. I am going by what FS has said and what has been posted in this thread and mentioned elsewhere that an update is supposed to be released sometime early 2022 to address a few issues.
  12. An X-Golf recently opened in my area and was considering checking it out just for fun. Hopefully they do not use flight restricted balls.
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