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  1. I played Langdon over the weekend. Weather was perfect and the course condition overall was really good. The range was a little beat up but that is expected with all the play the course is getting. Front 9 I had 7 pars and 2 doubles (). Not sure what happened on the back 9 because my iron game fell apart. I'm playing Quail Valley today so hopefully the afternoon winds do not get too crazy.
  2. I switched from Players CBs (mid 2000s) to Players Distance. The new irons are more forgiving with stronger lofts which has helped to bring the scores down.
  3. Looks like they have a new iron and driver coming soon. Just the headcover for the driver is pictured. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTs-81wFqSE/
  4. I have played two rounds with the 0811X Gen 4 driver and really impressed with the number of fairways hit. The mid trajectory flight is exactly what I was looking for. Distance has been really good and find the club fairly forgiving. The driver is still in the standard setup and plan to adjust the weights to get the club further dialed in. The sound of the driver is very muted and is something I am not used but definitely like it.
  5. Sorry I meant to say I would not be surprised if they have another sale
  6. Would you recommend the partial weight kit? Which weights? Or the full woods weight kit?
  7. PXG shipped quickly. However FedEx happened so delivery took longer than expected.
  8. Yesterday my Gen 4 X 9* with Hzrdus Smoke Yellow finally arrived and took it the range. First impressions of the looks. Much better than expected and the crown looks better in person than online. Love the sound and feel. I hit some nice drives and some really bad drives that were mainly lost to the right. There were a couple of low duck hooks when I attempted to over correct. The good drives are producing the mid penetrating ball flight I'm looking for. I did not make any adjustment and just wanted to get a feel for the club with the standard setup. I plan to go back soon and make some tweaks. I should have ordered the weight kit as other have recommended and will do that today. Once I get the club dialed in it will be a bomber.
  9. FedEx officially declared my club lost. PXG will file a claim with FedEx and then build me a new club. Hopefully it actually arrives this time!
  10. IIRC the sale was through 8/31 but would be surprised if they prices drops again.
  11. FedEx still has not found my driver and at this point not expecting it to show up. Either it is truly lost or someone walked off with it. I contacted PXG a couple days ago just to give them a heads up. I asked FedEx how long will they investigate before declaring the club lost and they essentially responded with some gibberish. I'm really excited to hit this club and struggling to be patient
  12. Thanks for the post. I need a pair for running because mine slip and bounce.
  13. FedEx screwed up the shipment for my Gen 4 driver. It was scheduled to be delivered Saturday and they sent it to another state. Hopefully they find it and it is undamaged and get it delivered ASAP. This is the 2nd shipment of mine they have screwed up this year.
  14. I think FedEx screwed up my shipping again. Driver was scheduled to be delivered yesterday and then it gets rescheduled for today. Tracking now shows it is going to be delivered in another state. WTF!
  15. I ordered the Gen 4 X driver on 8/23 and it shipped today.
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