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  1. Just ordered! Really impressed with all the posted results!
  2. So far from everything I have read here and online, the FSK looks awesome. I need to see how the indoor updates are implemented before pulling the trigger.
  3. Yep. $249 for BR putters. I'm about to place my order
  4. I have the Honma TW 747 3 wd and 5 wd and both are great clubs and so easy to hit off the deck or tee. The stock shafts spin a little too much for me though. I did not get along with TW 747 driver so it is in the corner collecting dust.
  5. Thanks. When I clicked the customize option it did not appear to do anything and then I clicked on the available shafts and see all the options.
  6. I just checked PGASS and the Trono shaft is not an option. Are they not offering it now?
  7. What are the best draining courses in the Portland area? I know Langdon Farms drains well. IIRC Stonecreek does too. If you know of others please add them. Thanks!
  8. They are great looking set of sticks. I have had several comments from people on the driving range and the course comment on how great they look
  9. Sucks you were sent the wrong clubs. However from experience PXG customer service has been really good and no doubt they will get this addressed.
  10. Congrats on the new sticks! Looking forward to your course review. I still love mine and have no plans to swap irons anytime soon
  11. Awesome thanks for the feed back. I figured that is what happened. Small gestures like this will definitely earn a lot more business from me!
  12. For those that ordered the Gen 4 driver did you receive two headcovers? My driver arrived a few weeks ago with the Premium driver headcover (black with red stitching) and just assumed it was because they ran out of headcovers. Today I received a package from PXG and it is the standard Gen 4 headcover with a magnet.
  13. pdxhak


    TXG released a review
  14. Do the Gen 4 drivers and putters use the same weights?
  15. I keep looking at the BR Bat Attack and so tempted to order it. I'm rolling my current putter fairly well so there is no need to change it. If PXG drops the price then not sure I could stop myself from pulling the trigger
  16. Haha some of the boys definitely had a few drinks
  17. Bryson all over the flag on that last shot
  18. This is the stream I'm using https://stream.golfchannel.com/ryder-cup-featured
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