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  1. Pm sent on the Hzrdous Smoke 6.0 with Titleist tip.
  2. Currently playing SM6 wedges. How do the grinds and bounce translate to SM8 wedges. Current setup: 50 12 F - Gap Wedge from Fairway 54 10 M - Chipping Around Green 58 08 M - Sand Wedge
  3. Considering the Titleist AP3 Irons but wondering what everyone else is using in their wedge and hybrid setups ? I have a 21 & 23 degree hybrid and 50, 54, 58 wedge. Not sure how the AP3's would fit in this setup of i would have to get rid of the 23 hybrid for a 5 - pw setup and change around my wedge setup. TIA.
  4. My 14 yo son wants to learn golf. He is 5' 7". Pretty much a beginner. Need to get some ideas on a full bag. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey dude. Long time no see. What FB group ? :) I would also be interested in this. Here is the link if anyone is interested https://www.facebook.com/groups/183327945434384/
  6. Looking at comparisons between the 2014 Scotty Cameron Monterey and the 2016 Scotty Cameron Newport 2. The 2014 scotty cameron has the deep grooved face while the 2016 newport 2 has a softer 303 face. Also, the 2016 newport 2 feels a little more toe heavy to me and the feel is bit softer and the sound is muted. I tried the 2016 newport 2 out on the course today and wanted to get more reviews on these two putter comparisons. Or any reviews on the 2016 newport 2. Thanks.
  7. I have a nice set of DG S300 that i can sell you for $60 shipped. They were pulled from my old set of 714 AP2. The 714 AP2 are a great set of irons. You can find cheaper Mizuno's like everyone is saying. I have since moved onto 716 AP2's.
  8. Titleist Driver Shafts Titleist Diamana D+ 70 Stiff Shaft $90 Aldila Rogue 60 Stiff Shaft $100 Titleist Diamana D+ 72 Stiff Shaft $90 Titleist Diamana D+ 70 Stiff Shaft $90 Rogue will play at 44.75 inches in a 910 913 or 915 driver head. The rest will play at 45 inches in a 910 913 or 915 driver head. Conus only - No Trades please
  9. Im here. I just like looking at the comments. The one comment that sticks out is not having a shot at a par 5 with the second shot. Also, I just put the 2 hybrid in the bag this weekend and im trying to figure out the distance on it.
  10. Doesn't look like the weights from 915 driver will fit in the 917 driver.
  11. I hit my hybrids better than my woods. So im going to try it with no woods and went with Titleist 913 17, 21 and 24 Hybrids between my driver and 5 iron. Whats the downside of not having a longer wood in the bag ? I hardly go for it on 2nd shots on par 5's and only use my 3 wood for shorter par 4's. Thanks.
  12. I will prob get a 917 driver if the spin numbers are good. I tried the 915D2 but my neg angle of attack caused big spin numbers and the D3 wasn't forgiving enough for me. Went with a JPX 850 but will gladly turn it in for a Titleist driver.
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