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  1. I like the Prizm G30 (standard golf) for my sunglasses. Just had my Rx pair of Oakley Crossfires delivered a week ago, first round with them is today. For the last several years, I’ve worn Maui Jim with the bronze lenses, I don’t like them too dark and prefer to see more light for better contrast. We shall see if the RX -air is the way to go, I hate contacts, so it’s been a few years and the vision is slowly degrading which is normal. for what it’s worth, I can see blades of grass again, which is cool!
  2. Carl’s Golfland has them in stock, unless you want Titleist to embroider your club logo on it, I’d call Carl’s. Your club may also have a local embroidery shop that could get the ball pocket done. May help you get it sooner.
  3. 1. City and State? - Northville, MI 2. Handicap? - 4 3. Current irons? - Mizuno MP-5 4. Current Iron Shafts? Aldila RIP Tour 115S 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). - 100 Gram X-stiff 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - absolutely, I’ll also get the gaps worked out on trackman to compare to my last fitting in March for the annual loft/lie check.
  4. It’s just plain paper and hand written with an orange and a blue sharpie.
  5. Haven’t heard that word used since the last time I watched the Big Lebowski.
  6. 2021 Black Flextech Light- new with tags- $175. Sweet bag, I may have to order one from my club without any other logos. Bottle holder actually holds a water bottle people use (ie yeti, hydroflask etc.). M5 Tour 9 degree 440cc driver head and cover- gone. obo (used for a season- pics are accurate of condition) M5 Rocket 3 wood head and cover- $150 obo (used 2 rounds and a fitting session) PM me with questions, offers or if you would like any additional pics. Asking prices include postage/shipping CONUS.
  7. Same here, I could walk you through as well. If you really enjoy tinkering, it’s easy and doesn’t feel like work at all.
  8. Look up how to take your 5.5 apart, strip the paint and have at it. If you screw up, it’s easy to fix, either CLR to strip the heat oxidized stainless or spot heat it with a torch (or heat gun) to even it out. After that, repaint how every you want and reinstall the shaft. plan B would be to fire it off to BOS Golf: https://bosgolf.com/finishes-and-prices The misted or satin Fools Gold is what you’re after. They restored and refinished for Scotty Cameron’s custom shop until one of the owner’s kids got caught knocking off tour putters with some stolen tour stamps.
  9. That is an easy finish to achieve with stainless. Should only need to heat the head up to around 500-550 degrees to get it done. It’s definitely a DIY possible project depending on who is doing it.
  10. The stock shaft is a .395’ Nippon putter shaft. They are a pain in the Word not allowed to find right now.
  11. The T22 is a stainless head with an insert, the original is carbon steel.
  12. I’ve used the Linksmaster on a cart, material is more durable than the Vessel, no problems there. I use NDMC jumbo grips with 4+ wraps, no issues with either bag.
  13. I’m using a 70g 6.5 RDX Black with 2” of tipping in a 44.75” SIM 2 set at 6.5 degrees. The head is so forgiving it lets me damn near swing out of my shoes and the RDX feels great. Nice feeling through release, nothing too whippy or loose, just a consistent solid feel.
  14. My previous driver shaft was a HZRDUS Black 70g 6.5 with 2” tipping, now I am using the RDX Black 70g 6.5 with the same 2” of tipping. The RDX feels a little softer than the old Black, more kick through impact, and I am getting a little more distance out of it. I tried damn near everything in my fitting, Ventus Black with Velocore, Mitsubishi White, Rogue, and anything that Miles of Golf had for an option regardless of price. Always back to the HZRDUS shafts, they just perform.
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