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  1. I have never been so frustrated with golf, and for the first time it has nothing to do with my game. You can’t get a decent tee time, if you can, it’s in the sticks 45 min away, or in another county. If you want to get some practice in before, you have to show up a hour early because there’s no parking, a line to check in, line for the bathroom, and you have to wait for the range and putting green. Then a packed course, slow round, and another 45 min home. Rates are thru the roof, so you’re paying a premium for this hassle that eats up an entire day. Even the hard core golf buddies are t
  2. We dont have Waffle House in cali. It’s a must when you are out of town.
  3. Bonus 2: There is also a Waffle House with a strip club next to it right there.
  4. I did the same thing. Had barely enough time to squeeze in a round, was staying there, and it was cheap. Like others said, it’s a poorly designed course. The first few holes are trash, and then it gets a little weird, and then it gets a little better toward the end. the grand and tapatio used to be sister properties, and I feel the same about lookout mtn. If you’re already there and it’s all you can get in, it’s better than nothing, but there are much better options.
  5. I played with someone today that had them. His comment was they work just fine if you don’t need custom grinds or bounce options
  6. I figured when I saw the prep still coming thru. Never seen anyone do that before
  7. What the heck is that other monster ferrule on the 2nd shaft.
  8. There is a strip club in Oceanside, the main attraction, or more affectionately known as the purple church. It’s not far from TPI and should be open by June.
  9. Every time they concide to these cries, the follow up is always that they are releasing too many clubs
  10. They get snatched up pretty quick for conversions. And those have been selling for absurd amounts. Ever since the t22 release they have become pretty popular.
  11. Probably just a prototype headcover. They use they use codes for their upcoming releases, and R16 makes makes zero logical sense in the naming convention. It is about that time in the colorway cycle that they go back to red tho, so that may be something.
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