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  1. One could argue losing the Open Championship on 18 is worse the wear for it...
  2. 1. Stonebriar Country Club 2. Frisco, TX 3. +2.4 4. 2017 Taylormade M1 440 Tour Issue, Matrix Ozik Black Tie 8TX 5. Yes 6. TSi 3 and TSi 4 7. Yes
  3. The 2 wedges you'd like to test - Chrome 54C with KBS C-Taper X-Stiff, and Chrome 60RJ with KBS C-Taper S+.What is your favorite feature of the HLX 3.0 Forged wedges? - Love the shape and the fact that they are forged.Current wedges? - Miura Milled Tour WedgesDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? - Yes!
  4. I used to go to Kevin Kirk (Jhonattan Vegas and P. Reed's coach) when I played in high school and college, and he was a big proponent of the putter grip on non-putter clubs. I had one on a backup driver, 7-iron, and a sand wedge to help improve path and impact positions. I really loved it on the sand wedge as my miss was a pull, and the putter grip really helped me to improve the feel in my hands and knowledge of where that clubface was throughout my swing!
  5. I really wish there was another groove at the bottom of the face.
  6. I would buy a set faster than I've ever bought anything in my life. I have been looking for a replacement for my VR Pros for two years now, and still can't find anything that I like as much. I'm currently on my 4th set of VR Pros (got lucky that my college was a Nike school), and basically have no grooves left on 8-PW. Badly need a replacement lol
  7. IF these hit the market, I'm definitely pulling the trigger on them. I'm currently on my fourth set of VR Pro Blades, and nothing yet can get them out of the bag because I just love the shape of them so much. But these certainly look like they're going to be the same shaping as the VR Pro Blades!
  8. [quote name='LCP' timestamp='1416360202' post='10469785'] [quote name='tbowles411' timestamp='1416332694' post='10467177'] Maybe they won't be so narrow....? [/quote] As a 13 wide/preferably 14 wearer, lunar Control 2's are among the widest offerings out there. Much wider than TW's, many other Nikes, Adidas or many brands. [/quote] I could not agree more! I am literally the exact same shoe size, and the LC2's were the first shoe I have ever bought in the Medium width. Plenty wide enough with plenty of support and comfort!
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