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  1. Two states north of you. But... Texas has had more snow than we have, so far this winter. We're still playing almost every day. Long frost delays. Too many clothes. Heavy, cold air. Never surprised to lose from a half club to a full club off the irons on the colder days. Of course, on those colder days one has to figure how much the ball will bounce or roll on close to frozen turf. During the round, the top begins to soften and the ball will stick. Just that funky time of year when the conditions will make one shake their head. But, hey! We woke up. We are playing golf in January.
  2. 74 years young. Over 200 18-hole rounds carded in 2020. Worked until I was 70. Have a group of "geezer golfers". We play every day we can. It's social interaction. It's not sitting in a recliner and rotting away. Someday your the bug. Somedays, the windshield. The oldest in our group is 80. He will shoot his age, or under 5 days out of 7. We all say that if we get to where we are shooting in the upper 90's... we will still play golf. It's good for mental health. For me, it's putting the ball in play off the tee... and the short game. "Never belittle a ball in the middle
  3. Put the BeCu irons in the bag this week. Been unseasonably warm, here. Well, yesterday, the 7-iron got me the third hole-in-one I've had. I love these irons! If I weren't so fearful of leaving one of the wedges laying on the course... or someone lifting one out of the bag... I'd play them all the time.
  4. This photo is from some time ago. Still have the BeCu's. They see the course a few times during the year. Also have a set of Eye 2 stainless, circa 1985, which are played a lot.
  5. Declutter? Blasphemy!! :>) My iBlades spend most of the time in my bag. Keep a set of Eye 2's that see daylight a few times during the year. Nostalgia. Not worth a lot for resale. Still play about as good as moderns sets. And, I keep my Eye 2+ BeCu's. They, too, see the course a few times each year. SIL has dibs on them when I'm gone from this Earth. I keep a couple extra wedges for varying course conditions. And... I keep two Callaway Mini 1.5's because one is almost always in use and the other a backup... just in case. Putters... they come and go from both basement and ba
  6. Worst: Tie between Ping's first entry into the metal wood business... the Zing 2 and/or the Titleist Howitzer. Both sounded like you were shattering glass! Best: My favorite driver of all time was the 983K Titleist. Can't remember any complaints on its sound.
  7. I agree with the posters who suggest allowing him to choose. Golf is 90% mental. The other 20% is all in your head. If he has a choice and picks the set HE feels will have the most confidence in, he will play them better. Instead of being handed a set of "hand-me-downs", you are giving him the opportunity to choose one of YOUR prized sets. Oh! And handing a young man a set of Ping irons, promoting interest in the game, is commendable! Thanks for promoting this great game with your son.
  8. willie991

    Putter Type

    Anser 4 SST. Have an Anser 4 BeCu in reserve. Gone through a bunch of putters over the years. Have a Scotty GoLo, a Cleveland Frontline, and a few more in the basement. Always go back to the old dependable.
  9. Enjoying the Lamkin Sinkfit Pistol Midsize.
  10. I second the advice of hitting a number of irons that cross the spectrum from GI to blades. As they say, golf is 90% mental and the other 20% is all in your head!!! :>) Confidence!!! Not one person can recommend what YOU will feel comfortable with and have the confidence in to stick with them and play them well. Over the years, I've often thought I needed to play GI irons. Most of those experiments have not turned out well. This last time... about 3 years ago... I went from Great Big Bertha irons to my current iBlades. Could not get consistency with the GI irons. Could not work the
  11. An update on my Bettinardi experience. Rec'd my Studio Stock 28 Slotback early this year. Today's round was my 174th entered into the handicap system since March 1. Betti has been in the bag for most of those rounds. There have been a couple times she has spent a few days in "time out". She seems to understand the consequences and does her best to impress each time she is given another chance. Over the years, I have owned putters from more manufacturers than I can remember. Still have a number of putters in the basement. I have NEVER owned a putter as consistent as Betti. The feel of
  12. Sheesh! Old people and their computers. Tried twice to post an image of the charcoal/black hat. No luck. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be extremely proud to wear on if lucky enough to win!
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