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  1. Hi there just wondering what shaft have people that used the Ozik Code 7 in their driver now moved onto. Have you stayed with the Ozik brand or moved onto another brand, which brand and how is it working out. All feedback welcome.
  2. Hi there just wondering if any body knows where I can get the plastic chevron piece that fits on the sole of the Callaway FT-3 tour driver.
  3. Hosel DepthHi there just wondering if anybody knew the actual depth of the hosel of the 15 degree tour 3 wood head. Any feedback on shafts that guys have tried in this head would be great also. Thinking Ozik Code 8 but not sure of tipping.
  4. Excellent thank you for the quick response. Good to know the shaft hasn't been tipped
  5. measurement requiredHi there I am looking for a measurement from the tip of the shaft to the start of the No 7 to confirm how much my shaft has been tipped. This is the gloss finished Matrix Ozik Code 7 model not the original rubberised finish. Thanks in advance for your help
  6. experiment in progressI have a FT iz 10 degree head which is supposed to be from the tour van!! Not really sure if I want to go ahead as I find the head shape not really to my liking but if it gets it out there I am sure I will get over it. The shaft options I have with me at the moment are as follows UST axivcore green 75 stiff UST proforce V2 66 stiff Grafalloy Prolaunch red stiff At present I am using a Callaway FT-9 9.5 i mix with fairly inconsistant results down to fighting a hook. I tend to swing to fast. When tempo is good no problem knocking it out on average 260 yards. The shafts
  7. I have been more than happy with all my transactions with them. Latest transaction was completed in 3 days. Puchased tuesday night arrived at my door friday morning. By the way that was USA to Ireland.
  8. [quote name='PT1911' timestamp='1282845758' post='2663491'] [quote name='Pepperturbo' timestamp='1282845159' post='2663459'] I just ordered a G15 with the "stock" 60 gram Serrano. There's my first answer. I had a demo for a few weeks recently and found it to be not only more forgiving then G10, but a tad longer with more roll-out, and a lower trajectory compared to the G10 with Grafalloy Blue shaft. But, JIC I have an F6M2 and a PX 6B7 in waiting. that speaks to my confidence in Serrano... [/quote] For me, on the monitor Serrano = good results, outside Serrano = turd........insert Proj
  9. Yes. They are available
  10. Which hybid head there may be a specialized ferrule available for it.
  11. R5 TP heads had two moveable weight ports in them.
  12. You will need to use brass shims. Which iron head are you reshafting?
  13. If it's good enough for Justin then I guess it must be good enough for me
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