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  1. Cameron 009 Circle T - Rare stamps - Surf, Skate Snow Putter is new 34 inches Circle T Tour Rat Headcover Circle T Pistolero Grip (grip was changed from Pistolini to Pistolero by the Gallery at the time of purchase) Includes COA $SOLD (This is the price I paid for the putter at the gallery including sales tax and shipping, plus paypal fees and shipping). pin 11/29 50E9EB2E-BA3B-4D64-8D39-A68FC286C48B.heic 153474819_IMG_03974.HEIC IMG_0250.HEIC IMG_0254.HEIC 153474819_IMG_03974.HEIC
  2. I have the following in X Flex: Ventus Blue Velocore 7X - Cobra tipSmoke Green 6.5 70 - TM tipTensei Pro Orange 60TX - Cal tipTensei Pro Orange 70TX - Cal tipGraphite Design IZ 6 Z - Cal tipFuji Evo IV X - Cal tipThanks
  3. What shaft are you looking for? I don't have any with a cobra tip, but have a bunch of other shafts lying around where you can change the tip. Thanks
  4. Trying some of this year's stuff. Honestly just like to try new toys. Thanks.
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