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  1. Didn't read all the comments so sorry if this has already been asked or said. And by the looks of it, you've received a ton of great advice. Here's my question: Do you get excited to practice and play golf? This will tell you a lot about what you should do next. For me, I loved the "range" from the very beginning. I got and get excite to hit golf balls. Seriously, there's a reason we all have day jobs. I added to a post the other day about shooting 42/36. INCONSISTENT Made at least 4 putts between 5-7 feet to save the 42... We all battle being inconsistent, it's part of the game an
  2. Mizuno MP-57 with PX 6.0 Callaway '18 X-Forged with C-Tapers 2 Bags, imagine that.....
  3. Threw up a 43/36 today. Typically shoot high 70's and usually post a 39/40 or something like that. Literally had to sink 3 putts from 6-8 feet to save bogey and questioned what I was doing on the front 9. Couldn't miss on the back. 2 birdies and a double, stood on an 8 iron and 1 hopped from the back of green into the water. Funny thing is that it never left the flag on its way to the water..... Golf = Crazy
  4. I carry a PW, 52 & 58. 3 wedges keeps it simple and only had to "play" 1 maybe 2 shots.
  5. Newport Oil Can Sonartec SS-03 Not sure which is older...
  6. I carry a PW, 52 & 58. To keep it as simple as possible (I have a day job ) i almost always chip with my 52. All I do is vary the length of my stroke based on how short or far I have to hit the ball.
  7. Wedges... Box Grooves..... Spin Milled X-Forged MD Grooves X-Jaws MD Grooves Nike VR Forged
  8. I know this is hard to believe but I have more than 1 bag so..... Short course that requires more shot shaping, 2H all day long. Obviously longer course that I know requires a driver 90% of the day, 5W. If I had to choose 1, 2H because I feel a little more confident off the tee and turf.
  9. It is. I tried to make tennis as expensive by buying the latest clothes and trying new rackets and buying more than one " cause I need" the extra rackets. But I found a racket that is perfect for me and haven't switched in 4-5 years. Meanwhile, I just bought a Rogue SZ cause "I need" a lower spin driver. Even on this forum, I'm ashamed to admit how many full bags I have..... Ugh!!!
  10. Agree with this take and I'll add that it seems Kuchar had a great PR opportunity here and missed it for some reason. Why wouldn't he give him a little extra and endear himself to the people, tournament and the caddie. Clearly it hasn't bothered Kuchar but it's tough to view him the same way after reading this. And yes, I have had the opportunity to give more than the agreed upon amount and I did. It felt right and I and know that the extra I gave to my ISR short term, paid 5-10x long term.
  11. Won't get rid of the following because I like a "deep-faced" metal and not the newer "shallow-faced" metals. Sonartec - SS03 / MD Nike - T60's Callaway - GBBII's
  12. I have a set of wedges that I use exclusively for practice, they are the same length and loft as my gamers. Not sure how much difference it makes but why take any chances. Also, I can't afford to replace my wedges as often as "suggested".....
  13. Sonartec SS-03 Nike T-60 Both are as solid as it gets
  14. I'm with this guy, 1/2 a bottle in and I would be incoherent! Sorry that I can't help you with the clubs but if you want to sell a bottle of Blantons, just let me know....
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