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  1. My favorite golfer. Not sure how many times he can come back, it isn't looking good. However, it is Tiger. Hogan came back in 53 and won 3 Majors. Hope he can follow suit.
  2. Guia

    Really TXG?

    Scotts are definitely not Brits. Never tell an Irish or a Scott that they are British. They usually hate the British and are not shy about telling you. I know from experience.
  3. Guia

    Really TXG?

    I thought he was Irish or Scottish. Heavy accent.
  4. Concerning my reply that the blue printed Ping's were not worth it. Blue printed irons are fine, the only problem is that you are getting clubs that are certified to be technically correct/perfect. The only drawback as I see it they are not professionally tailored to your particular swing pattern and strengths (only to what you requested. I think an in person session by a professional goes much further, and they will check loft/lies/correct shafts/length, and make adjustments. A professional fitting is expensive but well worth it. I had one about 5 years a
  5. Yes, I made a post. It was not about the shaft being mislabeled, but that I thought played stiffer than most regular shafts. From replies received several though that was true, probably because it is very tip stiff.
  6. I haven't been active in posting for quite awhile. I asked a simple question "does the Ventus Velocore play stiff". What I get back is a whole bunch of know-it-alls. Trying to show their superiority. I even posted the Ping Tour specs and people still say, blah, blah, blah. I do not give a flying ***k what your opinion is about the Ping shaft. I did not ask! At the age of 78 I held a 5 handicap from the mid tees. In the last 2 years I have had a hip replacement and a knee replacement. I have heard all the unwanted guidance for years. I played Class A college g
  7. It is very rare that i use an OEM shaft, usually replace shortly after purchase. It is possible I misjudged, I am not in tip top physical condition currently.
  8. Both shafts will be up for sale NLT Monday.
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