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  1. SORRY guys and gals I have had a family emergency and will try answer all question asap Thanks for your understanding
  2. Adams MB2 Satin finish 7 plug heads used and not abused Shafted with KBS $-TAPER 120 Stiff 5 iron plays 38" $OLD PING G400 LST 8.5 Shafted with HZRDUS YELLOW 75g 6.5 X flex 45.5" and hotmelted heavy head $OLD TOUR ISSUE DYNAMIC GOLD AMT X100 9 shafts lamkin grips 4-PW and 52 & 58 $150
  3. Interested in the head only option what is the asking price?? Thanks in advance
  4. Price Drop on the Driver head ,headcover, adapter and extra weights MAKE SOME OFFERS
  5. I have a couple items for sale today as always all OFFERS will be looked at and I will reply with answer 1 Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond 9* driver head only I hit 5 balls with this just not for me comes with Headcover . NEW Tour Green Dot adapter and 2 sets of weights 6g round 12g slider and 12ground and 6g slider Looking to get $250 shipped 2 Tour Issue Callaway Epic Flash Sz Boned 15* 3 wood shafted with a Tour AD P9003x plays 42" comes with 12g weight front and 5g weight rear Sorry No Headcover but it will ship protected Looking to get $OLD
  6. I have a few items for sale As always offers will be looked and responded to 1 Callaway Prototype quad dot V groove 5-pw + apex pro 4 iron Heads only used not abused with small rock scrape on the 6 iron .355 taper hosel $OLD 2 PT Callaway XR Pro 14 degree 3 wood head only has been hotmelted and is a heavy head used not abused $50 shipped 3 Nippon Modus 3 130 Stiff 4 - PW .355 taper tip with Lamkin Crossline black grips shafts are straight and will need to be prepped for install $95 shipped
  7. I have a few shafts for sale that have been sitting and will not be used by me as always all offers will be looked at and answered Discounts will be given for a Multi shaft purchase , Please do not be afraid to make offers 1 Aldila Rogue Silver 125 MSI 70 Tour X 42 1/4" long tip to grip tip 1/2" with EPIC tip and has some bag wear nothing thru the paint just in clear coat 60$ 2 Fujikura Speeder 757 X flex 42 1/2" this shaft has been pured and has a EPIC tip 45$ 3 Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 7.2 X flex 42 1/2" and has been tipped 1/2" with a LEFT HAND Epic tip installed 45$ 4 Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 8.2 X flex 5 wood shaft with Flash Tip 41" long $45 5 Graphite Design Tour AD TP-8 X flex 5 wood shaft with Flash Tip 41" long, this was a pull and it has some scratching above the tip Price accordingly $65 Now for the pulls 6 Aldila Tour Green 85-TX tipped 1" and is 41" long $35 7 UST VTS Silver Tour SPX 8 X flex tipped 1" and 40 3/8" long $25 8 Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 8.2 X flex tipped 1" and $1" long $35 9 Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 7 X Flex tipped 1" and 40 3/4" long $65
  8. What graphite hybrid shaft would play similar to the Modus 130
  9. ALL KBS Tour $ - taper sold Thanks raydens
  10. Modus 120x and DGTI S400 wedge shafts sold Thanks rsh0308
  11. I have a few sets of pullls for sale. ALL TIPS HAVE BEEN PREPPED FOR INSTALL Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X7 4 - PW pulls $OLD Played std length in 2018 X-Forged winn dri-tac STD grips need replaced Nippon Modus 3 120 X 4 -PW pulls $OLD played std length in Muira 501cb no grips KBS Tour $ - TAPER 120 stiff 3 - PW $OLD played std length in Apex pro with STD red lamkin grips Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 wedge shafts $OLD played std length in MD4 wedges no grips Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 wedge shafts $OLD played std length in Taylormade Milled Grind with STD black lamkin grips KBS Tour $ - Taper 125 S+ wedge shafts $OLD played std length in MD4 wedges with STD red lamkin grips
  12. I have 2 items for sale today Both OBRO 1 2016 TaylorMade M2 8.5* head only remains in good condition $OLD TYD comes with 2017 M2 headcover & new 2* tip The paint defects have no effect on play they have been there since I took it out of the plastic. specs HW 203 gams loft 8.3* LA 57.6 FA 1.3 open 2. 2017 TaylorMade M2 TOUR T3 13.5* 3 wood shafted with a Graphite Design Tour AD P9003x 42 1/4" d3 sw comes with 2017 M1 headcover 225$ TYD spec HW 217 grams loft 13.8 LA 58 FA 1 open
  13. Does anyone know the effect of having 2 equal weights in the Sub Zero. launch spin ball speed Looking to buy more weights and I'm sure someone here has done this already.
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