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  1. any of the matrix ozik m2 models will kill the spin
  2. fuji 8z08 low launch, low spin and the matrix ozik 8m2 is the best mid weight shaft out now.
  3. I had the same issue and switched to a adams 4060 I ended up with a great boring trajectory, and for only $100 form the other site.
  4. tour issue pulls matrix, talamonti, ustdelete please
  5. xpp8 , 8z08need to add some tour issued shafts aldila voodoo xpp8 tipped 1'' 41 5/8'' 3-wood pull $75.00 tyd fujikura all black 8z08 stiff tipped 3/4'' 41 5/8'' 3-wood pull $50.00 tyd make offers on all you could have it by thrusday will ship international + actual shiping cost
  6. bridgestone j36 cb 3-pw1st post so here we gobridgestone j36 cb 3-pw 2* flat still very playable $190 tyd will ship international at cost make some offers need to sale
  7. just got my 9032ld about a week ago 6.5*, stupid long mid/low laUNCH, LOW SPIN perfect for a high spin players. even mishits get out there I think I found my driver
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