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  1. the milling on the neck and bumper's, and the fact it is a DASS Bettenardi send it my way
  2. Up for sale is a UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 9F4T this played 42 1/2" in a sldr 3hl and was tipped 1 1/2" and comes with a white 2g grip logo and graphics down in std. position. Total length is around 41 3/4" tip to grip. The photos show no grip but I will blow one on as soon as I post this. I'm looking to get $OLD ahipped [/size let me know If I have forgot anything
  3. [list] [*]Do you agree to participate in the Official [url="http://stat.dealtime.com/DealFrame/DealFrame.cmp?bm=519&BEFID=96424&acode=539&code=539&aon=&crawler_id=1911151&dealId=bXv4KNmgn9rYwR9hu31h8A%3D%3D&searchID=&url=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F711-57618-1854-0%2F2%3Fkwid%3D1%26mtid%3D570%26crlp%3D1_240251%26kw%3D%7Bquery%7D%26linkin_id%3D%7Blinkin_id%7D%26sortbid%3D%7Bbidamount%7D%26fitem%3D351023339598%26mt_id%3D570%26mpre%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.com%252Fitm%252Flike%252F351023339598%26mid%3D446528%26sdc_id%3D%7Bsdc_id%7D&DealName=Tour%20Issue%20Ust%20Mamiya%20Elements%20%22chrome%22%206%20F5%20Tx-flex%20Shaft%20.335&MerchantID=446528&HasLink=yes&category=0&AR=-1&NG=1&GR=1&ND=1&PN=1&RR=-1&ST=&MN=msnFeed&FPT=SDCF&NDS=1&NMS=1&NDP=1&MRS=&PD=0&brnId=2455&lnkId=8070676&Issdt=140319050705&IsFtr=0&IsSmart=0&dlprc=189.99&SKU=351023339598"]UST Elements Chrome[/url] Member Test Thread? YES [*]How do you intend to review the product? (On course, simulator, etc) Simulator till the snow is gone [*]Do you agree to post a review of the product and continue to answer questions asked by other WRX Members? Absolutley [*]Do you agree to include your own quality photos in the review? yes I do [*]What shaft you are currently playing in your driver/fairway woods (model, weight and flex)? Oban Devoation 08 04 driver UST Elements EARTH 8f4 3 wood [*]Why you would like to play the Elements Chrome wood shaft? The looks of the shaft are great and I love to give it a try [/list]
  4. WOW is all I can say Thanks [b]Item Name:[/b] [b][color=#444444]TAYLORMADE SLDR 430 DRIVER - RH[/color][/b] [b]Item Price:[/b] [b][color=#CC0000]$620.97[/color][/b] [b]Options:[/b] [list] [*]DEXTERITY:Right Handed [*]WOOD SHAFT:UST Tourspx Elements Chrome 85 [*]FLEX:Stiff [*]LENGTH:44.5" [*]LOFT:9 [*]GRIP:Golf Pride Tour Wrap Black Standard [*]WRAPS OF TAPE:1 [*] [/list]
  5. steelstamps.com the heavy duty ones are the ones I use They are a little bit more $ but work great
  6. trapdraw


    what modern shaft is close to the f7m2 ? looking for the f7m2 and can not seem to find one just wanting to know what is close
  7. Title says all, what is the best paint fill paint, that you can buy in bulk. and where
  8. I was lucky enough to hit the SLDR fw 15.5 and the SLDR 3h for about a hour friday afternoon indoors and I will say that this is the best looking fw TaylorMade has made in a long time. The 15.5 launched a little high for me and the TP shaft is a Motore Speeder vc 8.3. The feel is great and both spin like the driver. when released I will buying one of each They are that good.
  9. I love the SLDR !!! this thing is a monster the higher I hit it the further it goes I have been a real high spin player like 3200rpm and with the SLDR I have dropped my spin to around 2100rpm and for my 105 swing speed this is the best driver I have hit in 10 years The R510 deep face was the other. LOVE IT
  10. 7m3 all the way, maybe tip the stiff 1"
  11. one of the cleanest blades made today. I would love the chance to play these irons on a daily basis.
  12. done, I need to wait 30 days to take better photos Thanks
  13. GolfWRX has helped me play more golf and gain some knowledge on high-end equipment.
  14. The feel of a dynamic gold shaft can not be beat and would love the stars and stripes in my irons
  15. I would just love to have the Spider Blade and Lethal golf balls in my bag, and the cardiff's on my feet
  16. Price drops on the items left . LET'S MAKE A DEAL
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