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  1. I Know that 2nd swing will do the custom orders directly from Titleist I do not know turn around time.
  2. A good cleaning with saddle soap and leather conditioner. good as new. Good Luck
  3. i have a 8m3 in a x lmk and you can give it a shot. I also have a tm graphics G.D. P9003 x that is rebar with a d4 sw
  4. small flat head screw driver, scrape around the hosel before the epoxy cools, then a wire hosel brush. clean as a whisle
  5. RocketBallz fairway woods at 2nd Swing Looks like 2nd Swing has some really good deals on RocketBallz Fairway Woods right now. Only $140 and some mint ones for $154. http://www.2ndswing.com/search.aspx?searchterm=rocketballz&sort=Price:Asc&pagesize=30&facetquery=00Club%20Type:Fairway%20Wood&facetquery=14NewOrUsed:Used
  6. That is what it is for. add hotmelt and plug it.
  7. make some offers guy's you never know. I am in a good mood this morning so let's get these things movin out of here. Thanks to newbe doctordanman for buying the adams mb2 irons.
  8. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME I have a few things for sale. All offers wil be looked at, and please don't be afraid to make them I'm not afraid to say no. so let's start with A Adams mb2 4-pw 475$ $$ sold $$ 2 dynamic gold tour issue s400 wedge shafts .355 tip 33 3/4" & 33 1/2" 40$ shipped next up is a graphite design quatro tech 85 stiff clean pull the is 42" and has no grip and I do not know tipping 55$ shipped now we have a matrix ozik f7m2 proto x flex 1 time pull that is 78G uncut and had a cpm of 270 this shaft was new at install and was tipped 1" and is 42" long with a white & black mcc no plugs no scratch's 80$ shipped pricing recap adams mb2 $sold$ g.d quatrotech 85 stiff 55$ f7m2 x flex 80$ grips $sold$ for each set let the fun begin and please do not be afraid to send some offers.
  9. nothing can make my driving any worse. so why not try this.
  10. yonex enzone 380cc 8* fujikura motore speeder vc 7.2 tour spec stiff would be the best I can think of. Thanks to fujikura and Will for giving us a chance to win some great products.
  11. sell me the 7.5, I love that driver almost as good as my deep face 510
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