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  1. lots of picturesMAKE SOME OFFERS I NEED THIS STUFF GONE, BILLS TO PAY. I need to sell a few things, all items are priced with shipping and paypal. motivated to sell so don't be afraid to make offers. First off is a new Bettinardi BB-33 33" milled 355 gram putter, that comes with the matching headcover looking for $sold Thanks russian7 second we have a taylormade R11 tp 8* driver shafted with a fubuki 70A x flex 44 1/2" long has 1 6gram weight in the toe and 1 4 gram weight in thae heal. comes with tp headcover and wrench no extra weights $sold thanks nfinch10 now we have a Bridgestone j40 4-pw iron set shafted with project x flighted 6.5 shafts, these irons have not been hit and are 2* flat std. length and loft they have bridstone tour velevt grips. $515 tyd a fourteen mt28 v5 satin wedge set 54* bent to 53* and a 58* both have leading edge grind to prevent digging project x flighted 6.5 golf pride tour velvet sold thanks tigergolfer22 Last is a adams golf speedline classic 14* 3 wood fairway version as a 11 gram weight and shafted with a Aldila nv 85-x 43" $95 tyd price recap bettinadri $sold R11 tp 8* $sold Bridgestone j40 $515 shipped Fourteen wedges $sold Adams speedline classic $95 shipped any ?'s just ask. thanks in advance
  2. black scracth sb-1 c-taper 120 stiff straight in golf pride black white out
  3. f11 ti matrix tp p9003MAKE SOME OFFERS GUYS GOING TO THE POST OFFICE TOMORROW 1) matrix ozik xcon 8m2 stiff 252cpm .335 tip pulled from a adams 5 wood tipped 1 1/4" 41" long $sold$ Thanks lebanontngolfer 2) martix ozik altus hybrid stiff .370 tip pulled from a adams idea pro 23* hybrid white 2g grip 38 9/16" long $sold$ thanks bosoxfan 3) tour issue taylormade burner tp graphite design tour ad p9003x .335 41 7/8" with 7/16" ext. do not know tipping 50$ shipped 4) adams speedline f11 Ti 15* 3 wood matrix ozik f7m2 2007 proto stiff tipped 1" plays 43" lite use. white 2g grip selling for a friend, seems I was a little high 140$ shipped I'm not looking for any trades, cash is king and any offers will be looked at, paypal add. is [email protected] first pay gets the item. will do multi item discounts. thanks for looking.
  4. 6g in the heel & 6g in the toe, and I end up with a 5-10 yrd draw, mid-high nuckle balls, perfect.
  5. 4 Iron 5 Iron 6 Iron 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron Pitch 52 58 FG62 FG62 FG62 FG62 FG62 FG62 FG62 FG FG Loft 24.0 27.0 31.0 35.0 39.0 43.0 47.0 52.0 58.0 Lie 57.5 58.0 58.5 59.0 59.5 60.0 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 62.5 Length 38.25 37.75 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.75 35.50 35.25
  6. I like the s3 pros. but I to just started looking and I think I'm going to wait for the j40's
  7. not much out there, but you can find them on ebay every once in a awile cheap.
  8. golfsmith and golfworks offer classes to teach people the how to's
  9. hands down golf pride 2g it is great
  10. I am very surprised that list is not bigger, but I guess it was just a winners list.
  11. any matrix m2 line, or gd p9003 about as low spin you can get.
  12. another vote for the golf pride 2g great feel and tacki
  13. [quote name='phizzy30' timestamp='1317606067' post='3617063'] I had a Kiyoshi 65x in my supertri last year and part of this year and to me it's just a better overall shaft compared to the F1 which I thought was a mediocre shaft at best. Smoother feel, tighter dispersion, and less ballooning as well. I would stick with the Kiyoshi and forget about picking up another F1 but that's just me. [/quote] +1 motore f1 just cant hang.
  14. I typicaly just add eatra grip tape as mid-size tend to be heavier. but I do like a grip that is a little bidder
  15. trapdraw


    not at all. I think it is about 16 Grams to move cog 1/32" plug a way
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