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  1. I've played 44" driver for 15 yrs and when I demo other driver's that are longer I just can not hit the center of the fece, but I do try longer just to see the what all these new drivers are all about.
  2. The golf pride whiteout and white ord are going to great sellers. I'm in line.
  3. love the look of the blade, and the mashie looks to have a little offset, but looks better than some others.
  4. i currently play project x because they help me lower spin and launch. would be very pleased to try the kbs c-taper.
  5. not a big deal to reshaft. I'm just confused by such a big difference, same 2g grips but from px 6.0 should weigh in at 120 same as the c taper. i used lead tape with the px with no tip weights to get sw up to d2. and since i was useing same grips & same length shafts same heads. i just assumed they would be some what close. wow what a difference
  6. I just installed kbs c-taper stiff and are they made to play at longer length's? sw went from d2 to c7-8 really not liking this. has anybody else have this issue
  7. I'm in with the new R11 irons i will hit the golf ball higher and longer with will help me shot lower scores. 10 hcp
  8. [quote name='Spoon' timestamp='1310771651' post='3394945'] anyone? [/quote] i like 80 grams in a driver shaft and had a di 8 x in a adams 9064 and it was a mid launch low spin bomber and swing speed means squat if you can load the shaft it will work great. i mean my ss is 108 and have a quick tempo and the heavier the shaft the better i hit the golf ball. the 9003 is a great shaft and if you can find a p9003x it is the best driver shaft i have found, only in a x mid 80's low spin low launch but stiff as all. but all in all if you like the feel go with it.
  9. same here going back to project x
  10. Does anyone know much 1/2" lead tape equals 1 sw point any info is helpful Thanks in advance Robert
  11. [quote name='adstout' timestamp='1303269171' post='3169596'] I'm planning to upgrade shafts in both driver and 4wd Ping G15 from my stock S TFC shafts. The AxivCore green is at the top of the list due to the reviews as well as value. I don't want to spend a ton of money. i've recently been hearing a lot of good things on the Project X shafts. Can anyone give any comparisons or recommendations. how similar are these shafts. Any advice would be helpful. Driver swingspeed is 110-115 still debating on S or X or S tip 1/2" [/quote] the axivcore green will give you a higher swing weight and has a mid launch and mid spin. the project x is just a great all around shaft good balance and tip stiff. hope this helps
  12. curently gameing kbs tour in a x flex and would realy love to lower my launch and spin, best of both worlds
  13. played the 70 x a few years ago and just bought the 80x and 80tx the other day. great feel smooth shafts and the come optimized. what a deal it is really hard not to buy more.
  14. does "futura" remind anybody of anything
  15. because it would be hard not to game that putter.
  16. golfsmith.com part # 2149ui fit great just did a 695 cb set hardly had to turn them down. hope this helps
  17. depending on spin, launch and all other aspects of the golf swing I would say try them all then decide, it is a tough decision so be patient.
  18. on a project x they seem large and on a dg they seem normal hope it helps
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