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  1. [quote name='KascoPro' timestamp='1297815542' post='2980530'] [attachment=730029:Picture 4950.jpg]Today I received a set of custom TaylorMade MB forged irons. I have been waiting for these,[attachment=730031:Picture 4953.jpg] and it was worth it because these look awesome! If it stops pouring rain here in Nor Cal tomorrow I will hit these and give them a review. [/quote] so jealous
  2. [quote name='jowwy' timestamp='1297458387' post='2969081'] Trapdraw i'm going to use it predominately for tee shots on tight par fours........so i'm guessing the Epic T75 would be your choice??? [/quote] yes exactly, i use mine for that reason also
  3. I've had both and the EPIC T75 is a tight shaft with great distance. mid low launch and mid low spin, the red board is a high launch high spin great for a fairway metal. hope this helps you.
  4. the best is ppg auto paint, you can use a spray paint but end up with thick paint. hope this helps
  5. Talked to Adams today and if they have 3 little dots then there are conforming, no dots means not conforming. produced both for the pga tour in 2010, just thought you guys might want to know to.
  6. I am just looking for some info on this wedge and can not sem to find any. anyone know if these wedges are conforming?
  7. Because I need a new set of irons, and these are on my list to look at.
  8. [quote name='rickylau' timestamp='1286541604' post='2734223'] Hello all... I've been using a trusty Titleist 905R with Diamana Blue Board 73 (g4"t) stiff shaft for the past 3 years...it's served me well but I think it's time for a change now... Looking to get a Superfast TP but which shaft should I go for? Insticts telling me I should stick to Mitsubishi since the Diamana has served me well and therefore go for the TP Fubuki 63 shaft...But I'm also curious as to how the stock Matrix HD6 will perform... Please help me make a good decision! =) I've heard and read lots of good comments on the Superfast TP with the stock HD6 shaft but not read much reviews on the Superfast TP-Fubuki63 TP combo... Appreciate all the advice and comments... [/quote] the fubuki 63 will launch a little lower and spin about the same as the hd6 but is all about feel. i my self like the fubuki 73 great shaft imo
  9. I had one in a tour issue 09 burner and I hit it very well, tight despersion and low spin. awesome shaft in the driver imo
  10. [quote name='dieselglen' timestamp='1284328113' post='2692792'] I had a VS proto 65S in a 10.5* Rapture V1 that was too spinny. Pulled it to install a PL Red in that head, and it brought down the spin in that head. I was thinking of putting the pulled VS proto in a 10.5* hibore XLS head. I was thinking of tipping it 1". Anyone have any experience if that reduces backspin? Thanks in advance. [/quote] i have a r510 tp with a vs prot 80 stiff tipped 1" and it will lower the spin and launch just a little. i love the combo
  11. I got an email from golfsmith today they are now selling adams tour issued clubs, bty's, 9033h & pro gold's cheap $99.99 doesn't say anything about shafts. check it out
  12. matrix ozik 8m2 is great for a 5-wood. low-low spin and hard to get to turn left.
  13. mark the shaft where the grip will end then use a 2 1/2" piece of tape and then a 5" piece of tape and then a full length of tape and you should have no taper.
  14. a little heat on a small straight edge screw driver will do the trick
  15. love to game that awsome putter, count me in
  16. just because that putter rocks, count me in.
  17. Please, Please, Please let me win these awesome irons.
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