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  1. I played a 3.5 hour front 9 at oak brook on a holiday once. Everyone left and I played the back in an hour.
  2. Played the front 9 on the 18 hole course at Village Links today. Best condition I've ever seen those greens. Were running fairly quick also.
  3. Well said Sir. It's a throwback to golf of yester-year. Everything says 1950's. Also known as the golden years for DP4 Not a Big Run fan. Could be an amazing course in that piece of property though.
  4. I was bitching about my feet being wet on the 1st tee box. And complained about walking on the hill going up 2.
  5. Saw a couple old faces Saturday at HoE. Emphasis on old.
  6. Getting through 4-5-6 at even par is the key to shooting any number on the front there. All of them are tough tee shots.
  7. Those all sound like legitimate gripes but you forgot the asinine 9th and the unbearable slow play and lack of course marshals.
  8. Awesome day for sure! Certainly a round I'll definitely never forget regardless of the scores. It was an added bonus to suddenly find my game this year on the back 9 of CGC :) Our host was great and had plenty of amazing golf stories... If you can get on CGC, I highly recommend it :P Looks like 15m is an accurate estimate based on this article: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20160730/ISSUE01/307309993/this-suburban-golf-club-owner-thinks-he-can-make-money
  9. Took me 15 months just to get your name off the restricted list.
  10. Playing Chicago Golf Club tomorrow...only 15 months in the making. Still not convinced they're going to let me through the gates.
  11. What? I was in Glen Ellyn while you guys were taking Lefty's money. Buncha sand baggers in that league... I concur. But they post every round as opposed to someone who shoots a 74...and then doesn't post it. What's the story there? Handicaps are for the weak.
  12. What? I was in Glen Ellyn while you guys were taking Lefty's money. Buncha sand baggers in that league...
  13. Played the VL 9 today since the 18 was closed for an event...the greens were actually pretty quick.
  14. I honestly don't see a difference with how they are now vs anytime the last couple years...
  15. I don't know enough about greens to know the reason, but ball marks are hard to fix on those greens. Anywhere that had fast and smooth greens, it's very easy to repair ball marks...pretty much a sand base. Even when I fix the ball marks at VL with "proper technique" I can feel some roots pulling out. I can only image how much other people are damaging the greens when they pry their ball marks up.
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