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  1. Driving isn't the problem. It's every other aspect. Funny...same driver is in the bag as that day. I wonder what that means?
  2. Has anyone come across my game? I lost it sometime last year and it has yet to be found. Was thinking one of you may have found it while you were out playing?
  3. [quote name='B-Man' timestamp='1446220990' post='12528852']Is this gonna go all night long? All night. All. Night. Long. [/quote] I like that song even better with an Australian accent.
  4. Hello? Is it me you're looking for? I'm just waiting until you have to pay me the $100 and buy me that fine bottle of wine... Good bourbon or red wine are also acceptable forms of payment.
  5. I've heard good things about that Citra High and I love that glass... I had Psychopathy and Axis Mundi recently. Thought they were both very solid.
  6. Helldorado is another winner. Hell, for its in a box from FW, I'm in.
  7. Getting there so early really screwed up my pre round routine.
  8. Briar Leaf in LaPorte tomorrow before heading to the beach...summer isn't over yet!
  9. No big deal...scratch2plus birdies the first hold everywhere.
  10. I am not a fan of pumpkin beers either, but my wife just picked up some Schlafly and is really enjoying it. These have been a little more my style this summer...
  11. So what course should we make Gary organize this on?
  12. Old people tend to be more organized. Plus, what else are you going to do when you're awake every two hours to use the bathroom at night?
  13. I second the nomination of DavePelz4 to organize an end of summer event.
  14. I'd love to play Dubs tomorrow...just no way my wallet will allow it.
  15. Stop stalking me.... And yes, it's in the best shape I've ever seen. Greens are decently quick and true, every bunker had sand in it, and they turned the wind down which was a nice touch.
  16. Played Orchard Valley today. Course is actually in excellent shape. Would definitely go back.
  17. I can confirm that there is no sand st the bottom of the bunkers on the Port side.
  18. Fun day out at Harborside with Buddha today. Brutal winds!
  19. Late notice but anyone want to play Harborside tomorrow around 10am for cheap cheap? Probably like $14. I've got teeoff.com credit to burn... PM me.
  20. Do you have a third choice? Maybe a stick in the eye? Walked off Springbrook last week after a 3+ hour 9 holes.
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