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  1. Cantigny tomorrow...really looking forward to it. Pretty sure it's my favorite course.
  2. I played like doo doo, B-Man shot the quietest +1 in history.
  3. I've got a Xocovesa extra anejo coming along with the charred. Interested to see how those turned out.
  4. Played a late round at Village Links last night. Probably the best round I've played all year. -2 through 15 without a bogey on the card, choked and finished +2 for the day. Yes Gary, I posted. 16 GIR, 12/14 fairway.
  5. Big bad baptist is a great beer, especially since it's pretty much a shelf beer in Wisconsin.
  6. $20 here for the old stock. Fairly available if you know where to look here.
  7. Couple of after work Gose today...possibly a double barrel Huna later tonight ;)
  8. It was a 4 iron from 235 to 8ft, but who remembers those things.
  9. Ahh I have a red poppy also. What I really want is Veritas or DDG, lol.
  10. I lost a little faith in Lost Abbey with Santo Ron Diego. I do have a Track 8 and 10 that I am hoping renews my faith.
  11. I've only had the base...with cherries and vanilla sounds awesome.
  12. We get Maine beer her in Chicago. It's real good. Lunch IPA is world class.
  13. I have a sans Paigre coming. Really looking forward to that one. Tart of darkness is amazing. I'm soloing this one tonight while watch f the HR derby for day 10 of 12 of my 12 days of summer. My liver needs a break!
  14. [quote name='One_Putt_Blunder' timestamp='1436829891' post='11942232'] [quote name='Chicago Lefty' timestamp='1436827941' post='11942086'] Anyone score some BA Speedway today? [/quote] Haven't seen it pop up anywhere yet but will definitely try to get my hands on one if I do see it [/quote] It was actually a brown paper ticket release. I scored 4 bottles and have a friend that was willing to proxy for me. Looking forward to those!
  15. Finally got all my beer off the floor. The wife is thrilled... And here's pretty much what's there minus any IPA's or beers I plan to drink soon: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tGDlhfpZrVdRArxSmR0v2dA/htmlview
  16. Pipeworks is releasing cans next week. Definitely put those on your list. If they're driving though Gary, which they will be, have them stop at 18th Street and grab some takeout beers. http://www.18thstreetbrewery.com/draft-list/ 1ZNUFF from revolution if it's still available. Pipeworks Square Grouper is re-released 7/27, if they can get that it's the best DIPA in Chicago. If there's anything else you need help getting, Lmk and I'll get it for them if they can meet up with me.
  17. As long as we're porn'n it up...got this today.
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