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  1. He sent me a box of extras before the 12 Bruery that was ridiculous as well. Also I know for a fact there is at least one more day of the week in the 12 days...
  2. So I'm in the middle of my 12 days of summer beer it forward. The guy that sent to me is a Bruery hoarder. It hasn't been an easy 6 days! Black Tuesday Sourrento Mash & Grind Sour in the rye w/ peaches Freckle Soroboruo 6 more to go!
  3. She mouthed "Help me" over Gary's shoulder in our direction during the hug.
  4. Victory at Sea is one of my favorites. So good and always available!
  5. Lemon and a big vanilla finish. Awesome!
  6. 11 on 17. I tin cupped it...had an awesome time. Amazing track!
  7. I'm really not into the barleywines, but I have a Barrel Roll Hammerhead I am looking forward to. Also opened a Mash & Grind last week that I thought was delicious.
  8. I track my season in dollars received from DP4. So far this season has been a bust.
  9. Which bottles? Pretty much everything goes through distro with the exception of the super limited Cthulhu, Nuthulhu, Rare, etc..., Are you coming to town or someone you know?
  10. I don't think they do much in terms of to go bottles that I remember. Occasionally for a special release, but that's about it. However the taps are always pretty good and they have limited and experimental beers all the time. There's actually three different places. Two brewpubs and a tap room. The tap room does BCBS taps once a week.
  11. So on Father's Day I got to compete in a closest to the pin contest at Arlington Park (horse racing). Hit a shot from the winners circle over the track and onto the turf track. Ended up winning $1500 in teeoff.com credit. Definitely a fan! http://youtu.be/6zUEb1ciY5A
  12. It's summertime, I can't think of any courses that play in 2.5 hours after 4 on a nice day. I dont even expect to finish if I tee of that late.
  13. So i got to take one shot today...ended up being worth $1500. https://youtu.be/6zUEb1ciY5A
  14. Anyone planning on going to Arlington racetrack tomorrow? I was just informed I was chosen for this: http://www.teeoff.com/arlington-international-racecourse
  15. Look at the smug look on her face. She thinks she's all that. There isn't a humble bone left in her body. I'm humble and available if she needs one.
  16. Boy, that wind is pretty fresh out there. And it just keeps freshening. Is that a word? I don't think they have enough cameras...
  17. Cafe Deth is actually one of the best beers I've ever had. Shame they don't bottle it.
  18. Ryan is a fan of the barleywines! Deth's Star is my favorite Revolution.
  19. I had 14 and 15 next to each other last weekend. My recommendation is to wait a year for that 15! '14 blew it out of the water. 2 totally different beers.
  20. Parabola is the winner for me there... But I have not opened my 18 yet. Probably can't go wrong!
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