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  1. Thanks guys, that's excellent information and just what I needed.
  2. I'm in need of some advice. I've got a heavy 3 wood head that I want to reshaft. However when I've done a dry build the swing weight comes out as D6. While I'm not massively worried about swing weight this seems on the heavy side. Head weighs 221g grip 50g, shaft Fubuki alpha @70g. What are my options to get swing weight back to 'normal'? Higher balance point/counter balance shaft eg Fubuki zt? Butt end weight, does this work does it only trick the scales? Or should I just not worry about it? Thanks all
  3. Lovely SS TP Mills Softtail putter with TP MIlls grip and headcover. It is currently @35" but I have a 33" shaft I will include as well. It has been my back up for a few years, but has not had much use. I've now moved onto a SC Futura, so it is time to let this one go. £205 inc P&P to UK, overseas postage cost on request.
  4. Purchased from a reliable source and I believe I'm the second owner. Really good condition, but my Af502s are just kinder to me in a gaming environment. 5-PW currently shafted with DG SL S300 3/4 heads unshafted. Shipped from the UK, prefer heads only. SOLD Not really interested in trades as I just don't play enough, but may consider Epon 302s or Onoff kuros Photos to follow
  5. No thats a good question, i have not noticed so i will have to check it up. EDIT: - seems like you look on Parallels? the chart is for Tapers, and ive changed the value from 6.1 to 6.2 to make it fit with the FCM system from Rifle who is measured with a SW value of D3 while KBS uses D2 Ah yes, it was the parallels trimming instructions. However, it is does raise the question about a straight in c taper S parallel/taper having relatively/considerable difference in FCM? Would you expect it to be that large (6.2 vrs 5.5ish)?
  6. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but have Kbs changed the fcm of the c tapers. Their website suggests that for the S the fcm is between 4.5 (assume this ssx2) and 6.0 (assume hs), which should leave the straight in freq as 5.5 ish. The really helpful chart on this thread puts straight in S flex as 6.2. Has it changed over the years or is it my understanding? Be gentle �� Thanks
  7. Generally speaking I have noticed better prices on the bst boards of this and the JDM specific forums. Yahoo Japan auctions are also pretty good depending on your location for shipping. Of course this is not as much fun as getting to waggle the goods yourself :-D
  8. Second the Mp60 comparison. Slightly more forgiving with a longer blade. Same sort of butter soft feel when hit properly, I'd say a bit softer. I sold mine as too similar to my then gamers Mp60.
  9. If you are desperate for them to go I can offer 450 for the heads.
  10. There is no yearly charge. You do set up an account when you set up the device for the first time, which then use to access the site. I have one and despite not being perfect I think it is a great device.
  11. R1s driver. Hated the sound. It was just so loud I didn't want to hit it.
  12. +1 on most things said above. Mp60 are great clubs if you have the game. Very traditional lofts so likely to be shorter than more modern cbs, but unlikely to be an issue if you have enough game to hit them. Sounds like a no brainer to get them.
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