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  1. By far the most comfortable golf shorts I've found. I was on TM shorts previously.
  2. I like the Jones stuff... Had a cooler bag in our cart last year and everyone loved it
  3. Jones is the best I've found... and I've tried a lot.
  4. > @phil6380 said: > Nothing. I'm driving it straighter and hitting more fairways than I ever have. The more confident I get with it, the harder I'm hitting and the further it's going all while being just dumb consistent and dependable. I wish I could change the sound of it to sound like the dull thud of the old M2 but that's a small thing to me. 100% agree on confidence.. I'm hitting it longer because I have so much confidence in the club.
  5. G400Max is scary straight... I can't really see anything kicking it out of the bag anytime soon. Just gives so much confidence.
  6. Lajosi v201 Stainless Custom Brushed 303 Stainless Steel Head Weight 380 Length 35" Leather Gripmaster Lajosi Mallet Head Cover Lie 70 Loft 3 This putter has only rolled a few balls on the putting green. Never put in the bag -$500 Shipped Machine Custom Putter Custom Head Counterbalanced 38" Super Stroke 2.0 XL Heavy Head. Somewhere in the 400g range HOG Head Cover This putter has also only rolled balls on the putting green. Never bagged. -$500 Shipped. 2 Beautiful putters!!!!
  7. I've tried about every speaker on the market.. Sound quality, battery life, waterproof, etc.. The UE boom can't be beat in my opinion. You can also purchase a case that allows you to strap it anywhere.. Push cart, cart post, steering wheel, etc. https://www.amazon.com/Protective-Carabiner-Logitech-Ultimate-Bluetooth/dp/B00MHKU8KI/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1496317484&sr=8-9&keywords=ue+boom+case
  8. They can customize weights as well... I ordered ER6 with head weight of 385 I think.
  9. I have a set of pxg irons and I certainly didn't pay an upgrade for the "deluxe" box.... Mine came in the same box.
  10. What R and D? Take a set of Pings, drill a bunch of holes in the back and charge three times as much. PXG. Example A
  11. I would think the majority of golfers would appreciate a new company entering the arena with tons of R and D money... But it's a strange world we live in. I don't quite grasp all of the PXG hate.
  12. The driver was underwhelming for me but the fwys were definitely hot. But, not hot enough to warrant the price tag.... the hybrids, on the other hand, are glorious and I will most likely go back to a hybrid at some point. This is exactly what my numbers on trackman showed... The driver did'nt give me anything over my current. But the hybrid was awesome!!
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