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  1. well damn. Here I was patiently waiting for the hype to die down and for them to crater in price like the original epics. Now Phil has to bag them. Now I know why the prices aren't moving in my direction.
  2. A quick google search shows Taylormade owning aprox 25 patents on the spider. Sean Toulon might of oversaw or even designed it but TM owns the rights. That's a $250 million cash cow for TM. They like court too, this will be interesting. This version is better looking to my eye, but I can't play mallets so don't really care. I can't see TM letting this stand. Callaway may be interested in testing designer vs. Patent owner.
  3. City and State: Leawood KS Handicap: 8 Current Irons: Bridgestone X CB Favorite Feature of the New P790 Irons: Thinner face-better feel I would be honored to be chosen for this and would gladly participate in a full review with photos.
  4. These other manufacturers better get their s$%^ together. Callaway is KILLING them. IMO noone has anything close to the apexs and the new epic. These look like a 101 industrial design course project. Taylormade is absent, new badge change 790's Really?
  5. The Anser's err Newport has been done to death. Maybe, just maybe Scotty has decided to go simplistict? Has'nt really been done yet. I used to buy everytinhg he put out till around 2004. I'd buy one of these. He's either on to something or laughing at us. Who knows.
  6. Yeah and they're not very proud of them... LOL starting at $2399.00
  7. ^^^ This-same reason Apple falls all over themselves to give school districts free apple laptops and pc's. Early integration with youngsters sticks. Time proven fact. There are tons of great golf balls out there. Titleist are great balls, none for me though. I do believe a lot of fierce loyalty is from setting up kids early. Callaway ball designer said "We've just touched the surface on what we can do" not sure how many patents he has. LOL
  8. Those are just stuning-Big Cat can design an iron LOL
  9. I purchased a set last year because i couldn't wait for the 2019 apexs. (black) Plan was mess with these and then trade for Callys. I reshafted with SPB. They're not going anywhere. I'm done hoing irons. Unbleiveablely accurate and soft feeling. Only thing I'd change is the sole thickness, a tad thick. Leading edge cut helps a bit. Almost perfect IMHO. I paid almost twice this price. These are a steal at or below $400.00
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