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  1. Anyone have a chance to play these yet? I was wondering how they compare to the supersoft!
  2. How do the Hex Tour balls compare? I have been playing Super 'Softs but these are much cheaper so would like to try if can get equal or better performance.
  3. Has anyone played these alongside the supersoft 2pc ball? Feel distance etc.
  4. Anyone play these? I see them on TaylorMade's website. 3piece ball . Soft compression non urethane ball!
  5. I have been playing Project A,s and picked up a box of D2+feel for practice rounds. These play similar and my scores are the same. $8 for 15 balls is a bargain. I will be playing until they run out.
  6. Does anyone know what new ball that replicates the Burner TP/LDP? Best ball I ever played!
  7. Rexon! As good as any and only a little over a buck. Been using these for years and as good as any. Change 2-3 times a year for less thant $4
  8. I played 9 holes today switching between speedfli and dt truesoft. 10 to 20 mph wind and 66 degrees. Speedfli was consistently longer and would hit and role a couple feet and stop. The truesoft would hit and roll out 6 to 8feet. Both balls were the same of the putter. Drives were 10-15 yards further with the speedfli.
  9. How do these compare to the speed version?
  10. Are these being discontinued or a new version for 2018?
  11. I have also been playing both. Bought some pinnacle softs on sale for winter and like them just as much as the DD Trusoft.. On close out for half price. I hope they replace it with like ball. These both feel about the same for me.
  12. Are they discontinuing these? I see they are discounted at Dicks
  13. Is the soft the same as the new DT Trusoft.
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