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  1. I demoed the I25 driver last week and I had one of my best driving rounds in a long time. I am also interested in the Answer driver because I have read some good reviews about it to. I plan on demoeing one when I can find one but in the mean time I wanted to get input from those that have hit both and how would you compare the two?
  2. I am wanting to have a good driver fitting done. This place looks as though they could provide that. Has anyone used this place and what was your experience like?
  3. MAllen

    Satin Wedges

    I am considering the new nikes.
  4. MAllen

    Satin Wedges

    Those that use a satin finish wedge, do you have any issues with then reflecting the sun in your eyes on sunny days? I know this may be a odd question but I am going to get some new wedges and I wanted Satin but I tried a friends wedge the other day and the glare was bad on them. I have been using black wedges for a while and so this did not dawn on me until I tried his. Is there anything that can be done to the face of a wedge that would not hurt the grooves but keep the sun from reflecting off of them?
  5. Those were basicly the shafts that I was suggested to use also. I went with the c tapers because I liked the feel the best. I could have gone with the x in those but went with the s plus because of the weight. It is not much but I did want the lighter one. I think this is the best shaft out there if you need a lower ball flight. I hit my irons to high with to much back spin and these really helped with that situation.
  6. I went to a demo day last weekend and was able to try the Covert Tour 2.0 with the motore speeder shaft. Not the 757. Anyways, I liked the combo and hit it well. My question is since the 2.0 tour has the bigger head than the 1.0 it makes it more forgiving so would I get the same results if I put this shaft in the 1.0 performance head? I am asking because you can get that head a lot cheaper than the 2.0. I will shed out the money for that shaft but it will not leave me much more left so that is why I am asking.
  7. I tried this wedge last weekend at a demo day. I tried the one with the wide sole. I was able to try them in the bunkers they had at the driving range and the sand we wet and heavy and these wedges worked really well. My question is to anyone that has tried these in fluffy sand and how did the perform? My weakest area in sand play and I wonder if these wide soles help or hurt in fluffy sand.
  8. I have been able to try the two drivers and there is a difference in the two. Mainly the forgiveness but is there any difference in the two fairway woods.
  9. I went to a demo day yesterday and I tried the BB Alpha. I think that may be my next driver.
  10. Is the newer version any different from the older? I know in the tour version, the newer one has a bigger head but what was changed the the performance one?
  11. Thanks for the update. I have been playing the Covert Tour for about the last six months and over all I like it except the sound. Hope the new one has a better sound. I play the le 3 wood currently and found the covert tour 3 wood with a vts shaft in it that I liked but would like to try the new version before I make a decision.
  12. I know the 2014 Nike drivers and fairway woods are not in retail stores but has anyone had a chance to hit these yet? If so, how would you compare them to the last drivers and fairway woods?
  13. Who has played the pro limited fairway and then tried the covert (either tour or non tour version) fairway? Did you make the switch or stay with the pro limited? How did the two compare?
  14. I am looking at getting a push cart so I can start walking more when I golf but I got a question regarding the style. I think I have it narrowed down to two different ones. Both are bag boys but one is a quad and one is a tri. Those that have had both, is there much diffence as to which one is easier to manuever?
  15. What is the yellow and red thing in Lucas Glover's bag? I have seen them in several bags and have been curious of what it is.
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