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  1. After every use, I'm not a big fan of rust.
  2. The 510TP is still my all-time favorite, crazy long and the most beautiful sound of any titanium club. I still keep an FT-3 Tour and a J33r(with modern shafts) around because of the difference in feel, and the size difference. With the smaller clubheads (FT especially), I feel like my swing has to stay more grooved. The newer clubheads just don't have the same feel, all shots(good or bad) feel the same. Just an opinion.
  3. Can the heat gun mess something up? Only if you overdo it, but it's pretty hard to screw up a pull with a heat gun. With a torch however, you can really do some damage.
  4. Anything less than an inch shouldn't cause any noticeable difference, more than an inch you might.
  5. I just bought a lot of putter heads and assembled putters from the bay and would like to make a couple of belly/long putters. Any advice on the best course of action would be appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Most of the fakes I've seen have a hologram that isn't quite right. Plus, the stitching on the headcover looks kinda shabby. GL with the purchase.
  7. Best I've had in my bag, wish I had my old 510 right about now. 1. TM 510 TP 2. Mizuno 300S 3. Titleist 983X 4. TM 580xd TP 5. Callaway FT-3 Tour Honorable Mention .Ping Tisi Tec .Adams BTY .TM 300 Tour .Whatever happens to be working on any given day
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