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  1. I just got the FedEx email that my irons have shipped and they'll be here tomorrow. Sweet! I placed a custom order via TGW on 3/22...JPX HMP 4-GW, Recoil shafts. Hope this helps folks still awaiting their deliveries
  2. Nice! More great Intel,...thank you. My order was 3/22 and I'll post the day they ship, so others can get an accurate-as-possible estimate as well.
  3. Awesome to hear! I ordered my 4-GW 921 HMP's on 3/22, so 4 days after you. It would be SWEET if they arrived this week! Thanks for that intel!
  4. I ordered on 3/22...4-GW JPX921 HM Pro irons. Haven't received a shipping notification. Hoping something in early May. I'll post here once they've shipped to give others an indication of wait time.
  5. I just ordered (last week) a set of the JPX921 HMP 4-GW. I hope to hell they get here before the end of the summer Does anyone know what the current turnaround time is from Mizuno? I ordered them from TGW but they'll be drop-shipped directly from Mizuno.
  6. Exact same experience for me with the same club. I could kick myself for not doing it sooner. It flies with a slightly higher trajectory than my previous 3 wood and about as far. I also then dropped my 5 wood and replaced it with the TM SIM Max 7 wood...what a cannon from 210-220 yards out and better landing angle into greens. It replaced my 3 iron which I could never hit as consistently as the SIM-7. I should have made those bag changes years ago, damn it
  7. For sale is the adjustable 2017 model TaylorMade 19* M1 3h hybrid w/STIFF flex Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft. This hybrid is adjustable for fade/draw bias as well as loft. Headcover & wrench included. Standard length. No skymarks, dents, gouges, etc. $SOLD
  8. Funny you should mention. I just dropped my years usage of a 3-hybrid and added a 3i to my set of p790 irons. When I originally had it shafted the same as my other irons (KBS), it really wasn't getting the height I desired...I wanted it to be comparable height of my 3-hybrid, so my club builder suggested the Steelfiber (I believe the i95?) graphite shaft and it's killer!! Awesome high ballflight and it fits right in with my yardage increment from my 4i. I like those shafts so much, if they weren't so expensive, I'd consider putting them in my entire iron set! ($$)...I'll leave for
  9. DJ used one to win the Masters last year!
  10. I added one the 2nd half of last season and it has been a game changer for me. I wish I had done it years sooner. I picked up the TM SIM 7w after seeing DJ bag one last season. It is so easy to hit, it's ridiculous. I have to admit...it's way more effective than my 3i was...maybe about 5-7 yards further than my 3i. It's one of those FW that you have so much confidence in putting a good swing on the ball, you practically lick your chops when you get to pull it out of your bag during a round....that was NOT the case with my 3i (or the myriad of hybrids I've also had over the years) prior to pick
  11. I recently bagged a TM SIM 7wood after not playing one since the 90's...and my God, I wish I had done it YEARS ago. I've played a myriad of hybrids over the years....each one was prone to that ugly hook when it really mattered....I could kick myself for not even thinking of the 7wood! I purchased the SIM, if I'm being honest, when I saw DJ bagging one earlier this summer. SOooOoO easy to hit....beautiful ballflight that will stop on a green on those approach shots. Also, as mentioned above...comes in handy around the greens too! pops right over shaggy rough, just off the green. I droppe
  12. I too just did what others above have mentioned. I picked up a Titleist TS2 16.5* FW to replace my 3 & 5 woods...I bomb it and so happy I did it. I then was able to drop in a TM SIM 7w, ala Dustin Johnson and my God...what an incredibly easy club to hit!! I hadn't hit a 7w since the 90's...and have had a plethora of hybrids in the last 20 years...of which I'd always fight the random hook with. The 7w is about as easy as a wedge for me to swing and hit 215-220 yard bombs that will stop on a green that I'd never be able to consistently pull off with a 3i or 3h...I'm a convert, for sure
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