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  1. I teed mine up as well on a hole that had water all the way down the right hand side. I almost put it into the drink and put the ball into my bag when I realized it was the HIO ball.
  2. I lost my dad this month and I've been going through his house tossing away garbage and separating his clothing between those I'm going to donate and those I'm going to throw away. Yesterday, I found three Ping hats that previously belonged to me. My mom stole those hats from me because she loved how they looked and she never played golf a day in her life. Mom passed away 10 years ago. She called them her "pimp" hats because she couldn't say Ping with her Spanish accent. They are worn out because she wore them while working outside. I bought them because they were very good looking hats and because I love hats whose bills are one color but the middle portion/layer are a differnent color. I tell you this because I have never once owned a Ping club and I've been playing golf for almost 22 years. I have two other Ping hats and I still have a Hoofer III. Wear what you want!
  3. It's hard to argue that but networks have been showing live for decades. Somebody is watching it.
  4. The Dry Joys ran about one size big. Do the Tour X's as well?
  5. Z-Star XV with a 7 iron from 204. Srixon sent me a keychain, certificate and a sleeve of Z-Star XV's. The ball is attached to be plaque I purchased.
  6. I don't care for it either and playing a par 70 course makes it less entertaining if your definition of entertaining is a guy making up ground.
  7. I suggest light shoes and good, sweat wicking socks.
  8. Time for a new ball, Costco. This new ball doesn't deserve the Kirkland Signature label. Where's that four piece?
  9. The driver has been a mixed bag for me. Sometimes I find myself saying, "that's about normal" and sometimes i find myself saying, "Dude? That's all you got?" And the trajectory has been much lower than the Z-Star XV. I've been blaming myself because I haven't played much and I've gotten noticably smaller due to not lifting weights during the pandemic. My irons have been woefully short with the 3.2, but not spinny. The trajectory is the same and the ball has pretty much been drop and stop for me. My results with the ball have been strange indeed.
  10. The 3.2 has been a strange ball for me. It's been short through the bag as I reported last spring. I haven't given a review for the ball because I've blamed not seeing the inside of a weight room since April 2020 and playing very little golf due to Covid for the ball being short. At least partially. So seeing these test results have made me feel better about my swing. The strange thing is I haven't really noticed any evidence of a ton of spin. My drives have had a lower trajectory than normal and I can only think of one shot into the green where the ball spun like a top and, that was during the winter on a very wet green. Chips haven't produced any overspun shots either. Maybe I need new wedges ;). So, yeah, a ball that has produced strange results for me.
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