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  1. They're pretty old, but had never been hit and were sitting in a closet in a spare bedroom.
  2. It can't be traffic infraction because it wasn't witnessed by police. That is correct and exactly what the captain said above. However, reckelss driving can be charged because it is a misdemeanor aka a crime. Crimes do not have to be witnessed. The prosecution of crimes need evidence and evidence is present. The first piece being the distance the vehicle rolled end over end. An accident investigator could give the an estimation as to Tiger's speed with that alone. Second, the black box data which pin-pointed Tiger's speed. So we know that Tiger was speeding, which isn't reckless driving
  3. I played 9 holes yesteray with the new V2 which included two full lob wedge shots. The ball still looks brand new. My issue is I think it's a club short, but that's not my final assessment. My swing is rusty having not played since Thanksgiving.
  4. I have spoken with a lot of folks who agree with your assessment. It's not just you.
  5. This is correct. The amount of roll of the vehicle already gave them a ballpark idea as to what his speed was. That's why they got a warrant for the black box. They wanted to know just how fast he was going.
  6. The car rolling end over end for nearly 800 feet is evidence enough. But what would I know about this subject? I'm just a cop.
  7. He didn't need to hurt someone or cause property damage to be charged with reckless driving. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor.
  8. Eight percent over the decade was their prediction from what I just read, but they didn't factor in those tellers having multiple hats (Universal Bankers). So, sure, there are less tellers, but more folks are multitasking. ATM's were supposed to kill those jobs. So was internet banking. But a lot of customers like having a personal touch from their bank and most Americans still invest through their banks according to an article I just read. As far as crappy wages, that's par for the course when it comes to the service industry. You can blame "value" is you wish. I blame corpo
  9. There are plenty of teller windows at my bank. The issue they have is they can't keep many around for very long because they pay crappy wages.
  10. I got mine when they were first offered and I'm pretty sure shipping was included. Since they came loose in an envelope, that's about what they paid for packaging and shipping haha. We don't have the gloves in my store. Just balls and the putter. We finally got the V2's last week and I bought a box. I'll give them a try when it dries up a little. I did chip and putt with them and they are a nice feeling ball. No wear issues though that's what you'd expect from chipping and putting.
  11. Shipping was included when I paid 19.99 for them. That was a while ago though.
  12. I read your post and then went over to their site and you are absolutely correct. That's quite a jump.
  13. You can add features to the photo. Maybe get an orange and black sharpie and draw a basketball over your face? Or a picket fence? Red church bus? Hmmm, running out of "Hoosiers" references.
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