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  1. Z-Star XV with a 7 iron from 204. Srixon sent me a keychain, certificate and a sleeve of Z-Star XV's. The ball is attached to be plaque I purchased.
  2. I don't care for it either and playing a par 70 course makes it less entertaining if your definition of entertaining is a guy making up ground.
  3. I suggest light shoes and good, sweat wicking socks.
  4. Time for a new ball, Costco. This new ball doesn't deserve the Kirkland Signature label. Where's that four piece?
  5. The driver has been a mixed bag for me. Sometimes I find myself saying, "that's about normal" and sometimes i find myself saying, "Dude? That's all you got?" And the trajectory has been much lower than the Z-Star XV. I've been blaming myself because I haven't played much and I've gotten noticably smaller due to not lifting weights during the pandemic. My irons have been woefully short with the 3.2, but not spinny. The trajectory is the same and the ball has pretty much been drop and stop for me. My results with the ball have been strange indeed.
  6. The 3.2 has been a strange ball for me. It's been short through the bag as I reported last spring. I haven't given a review for the ball because I've blamed not seeing the inside of a weight room since April 2020 and playing very little golf due to Covid for the ball being short. At least partially. So seeing these test results have made me feel better about my swing. The strange thing is I haven't really noticed any evidence of a ton of spin. My drives have had a lower trajectory than normal and I can only think of one shot into the green where the ball spun like a top and, that was during the winter on a very wet green. Chips haven't produced any overspun shots either. Maybe I need new wedges ;). So, yeah, a ball that has produced strange results for me.
  7. The 13 year old in me just snickered.
  8. Great pics. I think this is my new favorite Bandon thread. You're right about what the sand and wind will do to ones lips. I played Bandon when it was the only course there and i told myself I would never go back after the beating my face and lips took. Thankfully I broke that promise.
  9. I think the one south of town is going to happen now.
  10. I've seen "British Open" on their big yellow scoreboard in older footage of the tournament. Let's not pretend it's us ugly Americans who made it up.
  11. Balls are dwindling down at mine as well. Could the four piece be on the horizon? Or is this just another tease? Tune in tomorrow for the next episode.
  12. I had never heard of the place so I googled and...........stunning is the right word. Wow. I found this tidbit while trying to see if you can play it. "Empty lots at most of his clubs start at about $1 million, memberships go for $100,000 and up, and annual dues run $18,000 or more. Yet demand is strong. Business has "never, ever been better," Meldman says over lunch at his Idaho club, Gozzer Ranch. "We're doing $1 billion a year in sales."Oct 13, 2015"
  13. I don't know about that. During the 1982 World Cup in Spain, I heard, "Ingleses locos" more times than I can count. They got a bad reputation for eating and drinking in bars and forgetting to pay.
  14. That's legal here in Oregon. If he was aroused or attempted to arouse somebody else, then it's indecent exposure here. California has a similar law according to google.
  15. Bah, his setup is way too upright.
  16. Are you stuck having to pay for all 12 months? Medford is foggier than hell in the winter. Quail Point is an interesting place. The old foggies who live on the course think they own it. I had a guy yell at me about slow play. We were on #9 (par 3) and he wanted me to hit. There was a three-some on the green and I yelled back at him about being patient. His wife literally clapped while she laughed and told her hubby to shut up.
  17. RVCC has always charged a lot. Centennial is good. Eagle Point is good. Stoneridge used to be good, too, but they've had a few cheap owners. Do you know how it is these days? I read they have, yet, another new owner. The layout is good, but the maintenance hasn't been the same since it opened back in 1997.
  18. Looks like it went belly up. That's too bad. Medford used to have a Golf USA, Nevada Bobs and the private place I mentioned above. There was a place inside the mall as well. Looks like it's just Dick's Sporting Goods these days.
  19. My college roommate from Cali did exactly that.
  20. There used to be a really good golf store in Medford. It was ran by the Couch, or was it Crouch, family and it was somewhat close to Cedar Links. Sadly Cedar Links closed, too. What's the store on McAndrews like? RVCC used to have a big selection of clubs. They may fit clubs, but it may be members only or more expensive for somebody who isn't a member. I still say you should call Patrick....;)
  21. You can try Fiddler's in Eugene. The pro at Oak Knoll in Ashland is an old friend of mine. His name is Patrick Oropallo. I don't know if he does fittings, but he's an honest guy and he'll steer you in the right direction.
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