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  1. Good morning, MORE stuff I just had to have........maybe it's your turn? Scotty Del Mar, original finish, shaft band, Royal grip and original cover, tremendous condition, a very slight mar on sole that would likely buff away. cover velcro great, all great in every way. 35" on this one SOLD! Thanks Robert. Xenon center shaft mallet, I've not seen another like this. Plain sole, "smoky" shaft and Xenon logoed brown leather grip. Simple cool Xenon markings, COOL Xenon cover. 34" and NOT heavy. NOW 275.00 Xenon Wide Kurve made for me. Triple sight line plus sould slot. Golf Pride Tour Snsr grip as new, plain and simple Xenon markings. 34" 365G. Includes that lovely Flamingo cover! NOW 275.00 All USA, Paypal, USPS Priority Mail, Happy Hunting! Mike pin 9/13
  2. Have some things just taking up room, love to pass them along..... All towels never outside or washed, just non-sunlight hanging in golf room. Multi-color serape-90.00 Blue & Black HH Harry-SOLD, thanks, Max Black & Gray "studio"-90.00 Red, White & Blue Scotty Dog-125.00 Black & Green "best of...."-SOLD Thanks Chris. Driver covers used maybe once, never soiled, good as new. Robert Mark 4 Donuts-SOLD to Max! Cameron Blue..-90.00 Robert Mark Pink Skull-65.00 Buck Club Tie Dye-SOLD to Scott. USPS Priority Mail, PayPal, USA Thanks guys, Mike
  3. First, Logan Olson Classic purchased in web release a couple of weeks ago. 34", Olson gripmaster grip, Olson magnetic cover, ONE 18 hole round carefully played. Pretty sure the 345 is headweight. Picture of sole looks like a mar on the bottom of the sole. That is not the case. Bad light and operator! Pristine for sure. Basically new-725.00! Next, Scotty PhantomX 5.5, 34" all regular factory settings, comes with TWO covers, no gaming on this one, have had it about 2 months but all indoors. SOLD! Prices include USPS Priority Insured shipping in USA. Paypal, NO TRADES PLEASE! As many have said, got too much stuff! Mike pin 6/1
  4. Got a couple of putters ............ First a Byron Morgan 612 in a DEEP blue sapphire like finish. 34" 345 G with a black shaft, double sight line on top line and Lamkin grip. Only stanping is in back cavity and on rear bumper. Great looking and easy to line up, I did not game this and am the second owner. Comes with F bomb cover shown. 425.00 Second a Studio Stock Bettinardi 28 which is as new, purchased from their site. 34" stock weight, new shaft band and blue grip. Includes stock blue cover. 275.00 USPS/Paypal?USA only please. Don't need a thing so no trades, please. Mike
  5. Mikey

    Mills putter

    Would you take 400.00? Mikey
  6. SWAG and Xenon covers SOLD! How about 150.00 for the Betti set??? Mike
  7. All are new, never gamed. USA/Paypal please. Bettinardi Kool Aid covers, red, blue & purple. These are "slip on" by Belding. 70.00 each or all three for 175.00.Cameron 2017 Hula for mallet. 100.00 Xenon all black blade by Delilah, magnetic closure. 40.00 Swag "cocktails" blade magnetic closure. 50.00 Piretti "chicken dinner" blade. 100.00Thanks in advance for looking, Mike
  8. Byron Morgan 029, haven't seen many of these. 34" 365G's! Sound slot, Winn Dri-Tac grip(new). Stainless. I am at least the second owner of this one, Shaft band is pretty solid, single sight dot on top line. B Y R O N on heel of face, 365G in back cavity 029 on bumper. Comes with cover pictured. Silver spider on black from "Lion Custom Shop" with tight velcro. 425.00 Byron Morgan 612. 34" and about 345 G's. It is a beautiful blueish iridescent finish, has just a very minor imperfection (scratch?) on the plain sole. Black shaft, no shaft band with dancing BYRON MORGAN in back cavity and 612 on a back bumper. Double sight line on toppling with no current paint fill. Comes with cover pictured from "Stay Fresh Golf." Cover is new with magnetic closure. 450.00Robert Mark golf driver head cover pink with black "alligator" stripes and skull/crossbones. Has "BOOYAKAH!" on back of cover. 75.00 NEW! Robert Mark golf driver head cover with white, black and olive "camp" and lime green skull/crossbones. NEW! RMG skull/crossbones in lime on the back. 75.00USA/paypal/USPS insured priority mail for the putters, first-class trackable for the covers. No trades at this time, please...... Mike
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