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  1. I would prefer the loft gapping on the i210s standard. 3.5* to 4* is a perfect gap for me. I would bend the UW to 49* for consistency.
  2. I highly recommend having a SAM Putting Analysis. It’s worth your time. If you’re a serious golfer, the information gained from a proper analysis is priceless! Expect to pay about $100 per hour. My instructor was having a holiday special and I got an hour and a half for $60. I received a 6-page report with the information gained from the 5-cameras, a Flightscope, and the SAM.
  3. Titleist T100 or T200 depending upon how much forgiveness you’re looking to get from your irons.
  4. PW 48*, GW 52*, and SW 56* works well for me. I like having the flexibility of carrying a 2-iron or a 5-wood.
  5. I’ve played Ping irons for twenty years. I’ve broken four shafts during that time (2-iron, 5-iron, 7-iron, and pitching wedge). Each time Ping has refurbished the club head and replaced the zz65 shaft. I’ve always paid for the repair work never considering that my golf clubs were under an unlimited warranty. Perhaps that’s on me, but I am not losing sleep over the cost. Ping builds great clubs that perform.
  6. The Pelz Link is failing and the spreadsheets are nonexistent on my computer. Any chance of an update?
  7. Hoffmapc10, I don’t know if you have enough posts to receive a PM but I sent you one regarding the MPF Ratings.
  8. https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/
  9. Yup, T200s get my vote as well.
  10. I own three sets of irons and the difference in lofts is laughable. I don’t think anyone could come up with a reliable distance chart based on the number on the bottom of the club. Shaft length, club weight, and accurate loft numbers would be needed for such a chart.
  11. Going back 20-years, the Ping ISI 2-iron and 3-iron are the easiest long irons I’ve ever hit. My Titleist T200 4-iron, which is truly the loft of a 3-iron, looks great and is easy to hit.
  12. I did a SAM Putting Lab analysis and learned quite a bit about my stroke and body alignment/movement. I’d start with this, then you and your instructor know what needs improving and further SAM measurements can confirm your progress.
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