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  1. Look here:https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/ Choose a manufacturer and read the last column to find game improvement irons. The next to last column is the MPF which gives a numerical value for the level of playability. The higher the MPF the more game improving/forgiveness of that set of irons. Take your time and do the research, then get fit with the correct shafts, lie angle, etc…
  2. I have had 5 birdies in a row. I have had a few bogey free rounds, but I never stopped to think about a par streak.
  3. Go here: https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/ Click on Bridgestone, or any other manufacturer, and trust what the numbers tell you. Maltby is usually spot on.
  4. Wear your earbuds and enjoy! However, these “golfers” that hook up speakers to their golf cart and set the volume to reach two fairways over should be “shown the door”.
  5. I don’t think that I will ever go back to my 60* wedge. Currently my wedges are 47*, 52*, and 56*. The grind on my 56* is such that I can lay it open and not expose too much of the bounce. I like having the option of carrying two out of these three clubs (2-iron, 3-iron, 5-wood).
  6. Every golf course in my neck of the woods has a 9-hole rate.
  7. Interesting stuff. The video with the gentleman and woman behind the instructor demonstrates how quickly a student may improve. By the end of the video, that woman has a fluid, and probably a functional golf swing.
  8. I played those irons for twenty years. I feel they are the best irons Ping has ever made. The Titleist t200s finally knocked the ISI irons out of my bag last fall. However, I will never sell my ISI irons.
  9. Costco Kirkland Cabretta leather gloves are every bit as good as a premium golf glove. A four-pack of gloves will cost you $19.99 at our local Costco.
  10. You lost us with “Here” instead of “Hear”.
  11. I play 150+ rounds each year. If you marry that to range sessions at least once per week, that’s a lot of swings. My Golf Pride grips usually last an entire season. I couldn’t imagine replacing them as frequently as you’ve suggested. Do not leave your clubs in the trunk of your vehicle. Excessive heat is murder on your grips. Treat them well and they’ll serve you well.
  12. If you are a numbers guy, like me, this website will allow you to compare clubs. https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/
  13. In case you may have missed this, a youngster at a driving range is hitting golf balls during a thunderstorm. This video speaks for itself.
  14. I ordered five dozen to get their best rate per dozen.
  15. For many years, I used wooden tees exclusively. Plastic tees have come a long way so lately I’ve been using them.
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