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  1. At 57-years old, I won a long drive competition with a drive of 337 yards. At present, I am 62-years old, and those 300+ yard drives are few and far between. My driver swing speed was 112 mph but once I hit 60 years of age, I noticed a loss in distance, probably due to flexibility. I tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder last autumn and can no longer get the club all the way back. The curious thing is, I still play to a 2.8 index, even though my driver speed is only about 98 mph. I have lost a club and a half on my irons am may put away my 21-year old irons for some new technology next sea
  2. When your son hits his drive 15-yards by your drive. Last night, 17th hole, par 5. I had the honor and hit one 260 down the middle. My son steps up and pumps it 275 left center of the fairway. Yes, I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture!
  3. My PW is 48*, GW is 52* with 6* of bounce, and my SW is 56* with 12* of bounce. I ditched my 60* 4-years ago and the benefits came after I became savvy with my 56* SW. Depending on the course I am playing, I carry a 3-wood/5-wood combo or a 4-wood/2-iron combo at the top end of the bag.
  4. I did an Edel putter fitting in 2013. My home course has daily green speeds of 10.5 to 11.0 stimped and posted every day. My fitter recommended a 345 gram putter head due to our quicker than most, putting greens. Seven years later, I am still using that putter. In my case, a slightly heavier putter works for me on quicker greens.
  5. Callaway Hex Tour Soft from the Costco website is a terrific cheap golf ball. Plenty of length off of the tee, low spin from the woods and long irons, and lots of spin on the short irons due to the soft cover. Chip shots check up nicely. Four dozen at $59.99 is a great deal. It’s not a Chrome Soft, but it’s closer than you’d expect. It’s a great fall-golf ball.
  6. Are you looking for super game improvement irons, game improvement irons, conventional irons, or classic irons? When things get back to normal, I assume there will be some demo days in your area. I’d wait until I could find a demo day with most of the top brands present. Every spring (except this year), I attend a demo day and spend the afternoon hitting Titleist, Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway, Srixon, and Mizuno irons and drivers. It’s interesting to see the differences in my numbers and to hear the suggestions of the fitters.
  7. I got a 4-pack at Costco last week. The price was $19.99. Each glove’s back flap has the Kirkland signature on it.
  8. See it. Hit it. Go get it and do it again.
  9. I had a good round for me. I shot a 1-over par 73, hitting 11 of 14 fairways and 14 greens in regulation. I come home, turn on the tv to watch the Safeway Open, and watch Phil Mickelson have a bogey free round while hitting ONE FAIRWAY. The commentator informs us that Phil hasn’t made a bogey in 42 consecutive holes while hitting only 4 fairways. Incredible! How good are Touring professionals? Exhibit A: Phil getting his golf ball in the hole from everywhere.
  10. Our country club has slowly but surely narrowed our fairways over the past decade. We have Vesper Velvet Bent Grass in our fairways. Our agronomist claims that some of the rough grasses have crept into the edges of our fairways and rather than fight it, he's given in. Our 8th hole is a 407 yard par 4 with a landing width of 18-yards. It's the most extreme case on our course but the problem is growing (pun intended).
  11. How can "an extreme in to out swing" produce a pull?
  12. Are you stretching your iliopsoas muscles? Tightness in this area can cause lower back stiffness and pain.
  13. Congratulations! It’s nice to get results when you’ve put in the work.
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