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  1. Ludlow Country Club located in Ludlow, Massachusetts opens with a par-3 from an elevated tee. If you play it from the middle of the tee box back to the tips, you cannot see the green. From the tips, the hole plays 225 yards. From the middle of the tee box, it plays 195 yards. The tee box is very long and the player cannot see the green until he moves closer to the front of the tee box where the hole plays 165 yards. The course is a Donald Ross design built in 1921.
  2. I’ve been down the same road. The pain was excruciating. I lived with it for 7-months. No sleeping on my left side. My wife helped me put on my shirts, my jackets and coats. Heck, I had to learn to do “bathroom things” with my other arm. My PT told me the two most overdone and unnecessary surgeries in most cases are the meniscus and the rotator cuff. I have had my medial meniscus removed in my right knee. I got relief but as the years have gone by, the bone on bone in my knee is no fun. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  3. Shoulder Acromioplasty: This is when the surgeon cuts out part of the shoulder-joint complex to open up space for the rotator cuff. Acromioplasty has been shown to be ineffective in multiple studies. If you read Dr. Sarno’s book, you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary heartache. His success rate is 92% for complete recovery and 6% for functional recovery. That leaves a failure rate of 2%, which is better than any orthopedic surgeon can offer.
  4. I had shoulder impingement with a partial rotator cuff tear in 2019. After PT gave very little relief, surgery was recommended. My auto mechanic told me to read “The Mind Body Prescription” by John Sarno MD, before having surgery. That’s right, my auto mechanic! I read the book, reread the book, and followed Dr. Sarno’s recommendations. After 7-months, I was back playing golf. I still have a tear in my cuff, but almost no pain. When I get a mild flair up, I go back to Sarno’s teachings and I am pain free. Good luck!
  5. Our private club of 56-years went public a six years ago. Finally, the ownership is working on the bunkers. When we were private we had the most beautiful white-sand bunkers. The 72-traps were maintained perfectly every year with proper protocol for the best conditions. Our club hosted an LPGA event from 1995-1999. Enough about what we had and here is what we are getting. About one-third of the bunkers have been completed this spring with dark, heavy, deep sand. They are dumping a lot of this heavy sand into the bunkers then just smoothing it out. When you step into a bunker, your feet sink in
  6. I am sixty-three years old. Trust me when I tell you, wait, time will shorten your backswing.
  7. I played all sports in my childhood with my primary focus on baseball and golf. I entered college in 1975 with my focus on baseball. Therefore, I did not pick up a golf club until the summer of 1979. I was amazed at how far I could “suddenly” hit a golf ball. From tee to green my golf game had improved but it took at least a year to develop my short game and putting. FYI, I was an 8-handicap my senior year of high school playing #4 man on the golf team. I was a better baseball player at that age. Upon my return to golf after my 4-year hiatus, it took me a couple of years to get down to scratch
  8. I started playing golf at the age of 10. That was 53-years ago. I won’t bore you with my journey, but I became a much better golfer when I (a) learned golf ball ballistics (b) learned to consistently draw the golf ball and (c) learned to work the ball in both directions. my 2-cents
  9. My fairway wood shafts are 10-grams heavier than my driver shaft. I have a Mitsubishi Orange stiff shaft in my driver and Fujikura Speeder stiff shaft in both fairway woods.
  10. Five Taylor Made driver Callaway fairway woods Titleist irons Ping wedges (GW and SW) Edel putter
  11. My Pings from twenty years ago are 1* flat. I recently was fit for Titleist T200 irons and the fitter measured me at 2* flat. The future will tell, but so far I am still hitting my irons with a baby draw. The TT AMT Black shafts are producing a much higher ball flight. My fitter told me different brands may produce different numbers. When I stand my Ping irons next to my Titleist irons, they appear to have the same lie angle.
  12. Those are close to my numbers (83-85 mph with a 7-iron). The KBS is a nice shaft but my numbers and the eye-test sold me on the AMT Black S300. My fitter supplied me with a wrench and the three best shafts, numbers-wise, for me to take to my course for a couple of days. In the end, the AMT Black shaft was the right fit for me. Finding the best shaft for YOU is the key.
  13. Were you given shaft options? I recently purchased the T200 irons and can’t wait for the snow to clear in my neck of the woods. When I went through the fitting process, the T200s ballooned on me with the S300 Red shaft. The instant the fitter put me in the S300 Black shaft my numbers were terrific. The fitter let me take the 7-iron for a couple of days and try it out on our empty course in December. I hit balls from all sorts of lies and the T200 passed the test. I can flight it, shape it, and even hit balls from divots. If you like the club head, which I do, just make sure he fits you with
  14. I had a similar experience with a set of Mizuno irons, two years ago. The fitter reluctantly gave me a $1000 credit in his shop. I paid $1200 for the irons, so I chalked it up as a $200 lesson learned.
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