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  1. My version? There’s only one definition of a shank in the game of golf. A shank is when the ball hits the hosel of the club.
  2. Huh? The hosel on a modern fairway wood is not exposed. A shot hit off of the toe is not a shank.
  3. How does one shank a 5-wood or any wood for that matter?
  4. I had this problem many years ago. My pro watched me stroke a few 10’ putts and said, “ It’s subtle, but you are moving your lower body just enough to cause the problem”. He suggested I pinch my knees inward, like Arnold Palmer. Voila, problem solved.
  5. Quick response: I did a SAM Putting Lab in December. Without going into too many details, I learned to putt with “soft hands” and to stay down through the putt. When done correctly, you’ll be rotating your head to view the putt as it rolls down your line. I get the feeling that my head is on a pillow as it rotates to watch the putt. Posture remains constant almost to an extreme. My efficiency score climbed to 94% which is at Tour average according to SAM. My index is at 3.1.
  6. Our club has five sets of tees. Black (7,100 yards), Blue (6,750 yards), White (6,400 yards), Gold (5,950 yards), and Red (5,800 yards) I am 63-years old and still play to a 3-handicap from the Blues. There are some players much younger than I that play from the Whites. Our pro emeritus has past 70 years of age, but still plays the Black tees and can still break 80. I think skill has more to do with tee selection than age. Since our course has become semiprivate, we get enough public play to suggest that many golfers would benefit by moving up a tee box or two. For tournament play at our club, any player 70 years of age or older may play from our Gold tee boxes. There are a couple 70+ guys at our club that lick their chops at playing from the Gold tees. They shoot their age!
  7. This is eerie. You’ve stolen my golf swing! No kidding, it’s like looking in a mirror.
  8. This is eerie. You’ve stolen my golf swing! No kidding, it’s like looking in a mirror.
  9. I can’t get into the technical aspects but I know what’s worked for me, for many years. A long time ago, I learned that tension in the golf swing is fatal. I have one swing thought. Keep my forearms relaxed throughout the swing. I don’t consider my arms a power source. I simply swing the club maintaining relaxed arms which in turn produces a very reliable soft draw, ball flight. If you have trouble finding the center of the club face or a consistently reliable ball flight, try relaxing those forearms.
  10. This is encouraging because my driver swing speed was 108-mph at 57-years old. I am approaching my 64th birthday (39-days) and my driver swing speed has dropped a little each year since turning 58. I did a driver fitting this summer and I was consistently swinging at 98-mph, ugh! Unless I swung out of my A… I couldn’t reach 100-mph. Okay, let’s fix me!
  11. I’ve heard of swing path and footwork (toes versus heels) but I’ve never heard a professional instructor recommended increasing shaft length to correct toe hits or thinned shots. Fix your swing because it’s unlikely an equipment issue.
  12. Wow, I was thinking about this just the other day. I did some counting and I have 7 guys that I play golf with on a regular basis. Only 2 of those guys have ever been to my house. One to shoot pool and one to play poker and those visits have been few and far between. I play golf about 4-days each week, so I am getting male companionship but it’s more competitive than social. The guys that I used to play golf with, growing up, have either moved away or passed away. Those guys were friends on and off of the golf course. My best friend lives 900-miles away and we communicate at least once per week via email, texts, or phone calls. I truly do not have one friend that I socialize with on a regular basis and that saddens me. My wife, however has a large group of girlfriends. They get together every week for lunch, or book club, and they spend a week at Cape Cod and a week in Maine every summer. There are dinners where the husbands are included, but those folks are merely acquaintances to me. It’s tough getting old. Cherish the friends that you have.
  13. I still have a handful of balata golf balls from the late sixties that feel like marshmallows. You can hit them with any club and they’ll feel the same. They’re sitting in one of my shag bags and every so often I will hit short iron shots with them in the field behind my house. If you truly want the softest of feels, balata balls are the king in this regard.
  14. The Taylor Made M-series, especially the M2, M5 and the M6.
  15. I will turn 64 in November. I can still play (index 3.8), but am swinging the T200’s. If I was younger (with my former club head speed), I would be playing the T100 or T100S irons. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Titleist iron. If you love the 620MB, take the plunge.
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