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  1. I’ve heard of swing path and footwork (toes versus heels) but I’ve never heard a professional instructor recommended increasing shaft length to correct toe hits or thinned shots. Fix your swing because it’s unlikely an equipment issue.
  2. Wow, I was thinking about this just the other day. I did some counting and I have 7 guys that I play golf with on a regular basis. Only 2 of those guys have ever been to my house. One to shoot pool and one to play poker and those visits have been few and far between. I play golf about 4-days each week, so I am getting male companionship but it’s more competitive than social. The guys that I used to play golf with, growing up, have either moved away or passed away. Those guys were friends on and off of the golf course. My best friend lives 900-miles away and we communicate at least once per week via email, texts, or phone calls. I truly do not have one friend that I socialize with on a regular basis and that saddens me. My wife, however has a large group of girlfriends. They get together every week for lunch, or book club, and they spend a week at Cape Cod and a week in Maine every summer. There are dinners where the husbands are included, but those folks are merely acquaintances to me. It’s tough getting old. Cherish the friends that you have.
  3. I still have a handful of balata golf balls from the late sixties that feel like marshmallows. You can hit them with any club and they’ll feel the same. They’re sitting in one of my shag bags and every so often I will hit short iron shots with them in the field behind my house. If you truly want the softest of feels, balata balls are the king in this regard.
  4. The Taylor Made M-series, especially the M2, M5 and the M6.
  5. I will turn 64 in November. I can still play (index 3.8), but am swinging the T200’s. If I was younger (with my former club head speed), I would be playing the T100 or T100S irons. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Titleist iron. If you love the 620MB, take the plunge.
  6. I will turn 64-years old in November. I won a senior division long drive contest at 57-years of age during a four-ball event (Nothing spectacular, 313 yards). My carry yardage on my Ping ISI 5-iron was 190 yards at that age. I started to notice a drop in my carry yardage about four years ago (59-years old). Last summer I was only carrying my 5-iron ~170 yards. During the fall I bought a set of Titleist T200 irons and with the jacked up lofts and lighter shafts (AMT Black S300) I am carrying my 5-iron ~180 yards. My handicap index hasn’t changed much. I was a 2.5 index at the age of 57 and at the age of 63 my index sits at 3.8. I have the occasional lights out round (I shot a 4-under par 68 earlier this month) but not as frequently as I once did, but I am not getting any less enjoyment out of the game. Time waits for no man and with age, the loss of flexibility is the one of the biggest hurdles for a golfer to overcome.
  7. I play T200 irons and the pitching wedge is 43*. That’s a very strong loft for a PW. My first gap wedge is a Ping at 47*. My second gap wedge is a Vokey at 52* and my sand wedge is a Ping at 56*. I don’t recall ever playing wedges beyond the PW that matched my set of irons.
  8. I disagree with your assumption. The vast majority of golfers understand that club length is measured by placing the club head flat on the ground and measuring with a 48” ruler along the backside of the club, with the tip of the ruler touching the ground behind the heel of the club measuring to the butt end of the grip. It’s the universally accepted way of measuring the length of any club. In my case, my driver length is 44.25”.
  9. My Taylor Made M5 driver was 45.25” when I purchased it. After a month of uncharacteristically poor driving accuracy, I decided to have 1” chopped off of the butt end. I had the club swing weighted to D6 which improved my feel of the club head. I am driving the ball as long and accurate as I ever have. I am a believer that the shorter club improves center face contact which is paramount.
  10. My last twenty scores show a scoring average of 76.7. My handicap-index is 3.1.
  11. Go back to the Ping and buy some earplugs.
  12. Crumpin-Fox located in Bernardston, Massachusetts. It was built with Pine Valley in mind. I’ve played it from the tips under tournament conditions and it’s a bear with greens cut and rolled stimping at 12+ feet. Give it a look, it’s a truly beautiful golf course. https://www.crumpinfox.com/course/
  13. Is #3 true? I heard Rocco speak about the golf swing in a clinic many years ago (before he became a household name) and my memory tells me his weight was centered over his feet with an err towards the heels. I recall him saying you should be able to easily wiggle your toes. Hey, I’m old and my memory could be failing me.
  14. Lanny is the worst but Azinger is a close second.
  15. According to the U.S. Golf register, as long as you’ve met their criteria, you’ve scored an ACE, even on an executive par 3. Here’s their criteria: Golfers can report an ace to the United States Golf Register, whose mission is to record every hole-in-one in golf. Golfers must be playing on a course with at least nine holes. They can only be playing with one ball, and not in a practice round. They must have a witness or be deemed acceptable by the Golf Register Committee, and must hit from a temporary tee to a hole on a putting green. When reporting the ace, the golfer must also include the location of the course and the length of the hole.
  16. I have a very large basement. When I decided to finish the basement and put wall-to-wall carpeting in, I was thinking green speed. I’ve stimped my carpet at 13-feet, so it’s a little quicker than my home course which generally plays at 10-feet. I have two putting cups at opposite ends of my basement which measures 66-feet in length. I practice from 3-feet all the way back to 60-feet. The longer putts break as much as three cups due to the subtle slant in my concrete floor. I can practice left to right breaks or right to left breaks depending on the direction I am putting. The point is, if you are laying down carpeting, think putting and green speeds! Yes, my basement carpeting is green.
  17. I still play the 16* Callaway XR16 Pro fairway club.
  18. The PW in my t200s is 43*, I carry two gap wedges at 47* and 52*. My SW is 56*. I have been playing this configuration all year (102 rounds) and am quite happy. I ditched my 60* LW when I bought the t200s in November.
  19. I must be in the minority because I never check out other player’s equipment. As long as they carry 14 clubs or less, that’s all I need to know. I am focused on my game and beating my opponents. Perhaps I am the guy others are noticing, ha ha.
  20. Practice, imagination, trust = confidence. I don’t like missing greens, but I enjoy the challenge of getting up and down.
  21. My lowest round ever, was a 65 which included 8 birdies. I think if I’d shot even par, I would have needed psychiatric help.
  22. The SAM putting lab confirmed that I putted best with a very light grip pressure. It’s a good idea to regularly check your grip pressure. I hold my putter loosely and simply rock the shoulders and let my arms swing the putter. The light grip pressure has reduced the number of pulled or pushed putts. My putting is improving since doing the SAM a few months ago. If you have a qualified instructor, spend the money on the SAM putting analysis.
  23. I wanted both distance and control. That’s why I started gaming the Titleist T200 irons.
  24. I recently played an intra-club match against a young man (23) who has putted cross handed since very early in his golfing life. He’s a scratch player and certainly could roll his ball. His left hand covered about 80% of his right hand which is the most extreme overlap I’d seen. After our match we talked briefly and he told me hockey was his first love as a child and he shot left handed, so the left hand low came naturally when putting. He tried putting left handed but his poor results quickly led him to putting right handed with his left hand low.
  25. Since I retired four years ago, I average five rounds per week. If the weather permits and my body permits, I will play as many consecutive days as I can. Our golf season lasts around 32 weeks. Last year I played 159 rounds. I played round #96 today. My handicap hasn’t changed since retiring. My index has been as low as 3.1 and currently sits at 3.9.
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