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  1. I've been creating putter shafts from exotic woods. This is the left handed Miura KM-350 bespoke with a segmented Cocobolo shaft. It is clad in a black hand stitched leather grip. New photo by Eric Nelson New photo by Eric Nelson New photo by Eric NelsonThis putter made 6 birdies on her re-shafted maiden voyage at Sahalee on a 39 degree rainy morning.
  2. the definition of perfection...now a cross between Jason Dufner and Rocco Mediate. Not a bad thing, just not Tiger.
  3. If you are a righty, Jack Nicklaus recommended looking at the right side of the ball with the left eye. He said that got his stare pointed in the correct direction.
  4. I also was an early responder to this thread and am happy to see things work out positively for our kids. My daughter was 13 when I first responded! Now she's a freshman at Dartmouth, playing golf, and is absolutely loving her experience as a student athlete. All indications are that a balance between school and sport is possible with careful class scheduling. She got a new set of Miura blades before we said good-bye!
  5. I have an Ivy League bound daughter playing golf, and there are just a couple things to consider. These are things that every Ivy League golf coach stressed, and are all that is truly important in the admissions process IMHO. 1) The Academic Index is key. Find a calculator online and plug your information in. In my daughter's case the online calculator was accurate to within a point of what the schools calculated her Academic Index at. The calculation combines unweighted GPA, class rank, class %, SAT or ACT and maybe something else. You should be able to find what numbers schools are lo
  6. I've been at the course every day so far and will be there again today and Sunday to volunteer. The greens are horrible. There isn't a player on this forum who would remain at their current home course if the greens were like Chambers Bay. On Friday a player called a rules official to get relief ON THE GREEN. That is the ultimate insult to course conditions. The player was denied. I wish the player luck going forward. LUCK.
  7. This is a serious bump. The Miura tournament blades have proven their value well in the hands of a young and emerging female golfer... all the way to a D1 scholarship offer! She still remembers the first 56* Miura wedge she hit that spun back to the hole when she was 11 yo. Such nice clubs. They teach a golfer to yearn for the sweet spot.
  8. Pasatiempo just because it's reputedly the closest thing you'll see to Augusta-like undulation you'll ever see on a set of greens. Really fun. Alastair Mackenzie design as well. If doing HMB, play ocean course for sure over the other one. Cool views coming home. But Pasatiempo was the treat IMHO.
  9. I scorn the three guys who joined a competitive match and injected themselves unnecessarily.
  10. Chamblee was SPOT ON. Friday ruling by AN was wrong, use of 33-7 was wrong, and Tiger was wrong for not being bigger than the incorrectness of the rules committee. The number one player in the world doesn't know how to take a drop from a water hazard. Astounding. He should be a bigger person than to HIDE behind an incorrect ruling. Tiger IS golf. But now he is not. Tiger is a corrupted soul.
  11. [quote name='billyhandsomeface' timestamp='1365996962' post='6845791'] This guy is so handsome, even I can tell he is handsome. [/quote] +1. Feels kinda weird.
  12. [quote name='redfirebird08' timestamp='1365874844' post='6831963'] USGA agreed with Augusta's interpretation of the new rule. This should set a good precedent for all players going forward. If the tournament officials have prior knowledge of a possible violation and don't notify the player before he signs his card, he should be protected under the new rule from automatic DQ. [/quote] Fred Ridley said they contacted USGA as a courtesy [b][u]after[/u][/b] the fact. No way USGA was going to disagree. I am a newly minted Tiger hater. Okay with him before, but not any more. TW has zero i
  13. Insane. AN blew this one on multiple levels. TV viewer calling in... give me a break. TW not knowing where to drop... give me a break. No resolution Friday and an incorrect scorecard signed... give me a break. Saturday penalty. ABSURD!!! This was a clear DQ moment that AN caved on. AN is managing their tournament outside of rigorous honesty.
  14. Glad he made the cut. I wonder if Crenshaw shooting +20 had anything to do with the group playing slow... That Paramor is an aging relic. I bet Crenshaw has continued choice words for Paramor.
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