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  1. Did you ever get an answer to this? Have you done any of the certification? I've done my level 1 and 2 certification. It's exactly the same as the Game room. Really quite easy once you have done all of the reading and have a solid understanding of ball flight.
  2. I play 120x in my irons 4-9 and also Vokey 46. Played 120s in my 50,55 as 60 in SM7. Changed to 130s in SM8. Really like the heavier feel around the green. I basically never hit a full shot with anything other than 50, so saw no value in staying in X in my highest lofted clubs.
  3. rodinho

    Driver Question

    Get more loft! As mentioned above, TS2 can be had at a good price. It comes in an 11.5 loft. Possibly even TS1 would be an option.
  4. No, not a million miles away from it. Cupar GC.
  5. Not sure what the longest I've been is, but in 2015 I went 8 weeks. We went traveling around Australia, but finally got a game when we got to Sydney. Played in a member/guest invitational with my brother who was the head pro at the club. Shotgun start, and we started on a par 3. He went first and stuck it to 8 feet. Needless to say I wasn't feeling great with a makeshift set of clubs, but first swing in 8 weeks and I holed it! I'll never forget it. Roseville Golf Club. 8th hole. It was a nice return after 8 weeks away haha.
  6. Yup. My home club is the oldest 9 hole golf course in the world. 180 yard par 3 to start.... And it's blind!!
  7. Definitely Vijay. Probably been said already, but he had wins where he lost strokes to the field in putting but made up so many with ball striking he got away with it. Mark Broadie talks about it in Every Shot Counts.
  8. Interesting thread! Reading it, the thing I notice is how big a difference there is between golf in the US and golf in the UK. The majority of clubs in the UK have a stroke play competition on a Saturday, where the rules are followed - no putts given, no "Mulligan's" etc. - you tee it up on the first, and hole everything out. I think it's because of this being the norm, the majority of people don't get overly serious or stroppy. Yes, the good players are into it and concentrate, but everyone realises there is a social aspect to the game also. Don't get me wrong,
  9. Do you know him personally? Think there's only one "jerk" here, and it's not Bob Mac. Your surmising about something you know nothing about. You weren't there, and you don't know the context of it.
  10. Played yesterday. Cold, windy, and wet towards the end. Shot 71, par 72. First round with new phantom 5.5. Loved it!
  11. Have to agree. Actually let out a chuckle when he said it. Wasn't just the thanking of the brand's, but the specific products that made me squirm.
  12. So..... I have always suffered with early extension and an open club face. Try as hard as I can, I can't eradicate it. I can't "shallow the shaft" the right way, and I can't turn into my left side properly either. It's getting to the point now that I'm so lost in my swing that I actually stand on the tee with driver and have no idea where it's going to go. My miss has always been a high right block, and occasionally I'd over compensate and the snap hook would show up, but the block has been the mainstay in my game. Last season I basically left driver in the bag and hit 3 wood off ever
  13. Thanks. It looks like this has been tipped half an inch or so?
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